Wednesday, May 20, 2009


When Tony and I started our adoption journey back in April 2007 we knew the wait was going to be a very long time. So we passed our time collecting special items for Halainah which seemed to make everything real. One of the first items we bought was Big Bird in China on DVD. Halainah was not interested in television for the first couple of months at home. And honestly American Idol was the first thing that she would actually stop to watch. Every once in a while we catch her watching something on TV. So I decided today would be a good day to watch Big Bird in China.

Halainah was fascinated with Big Bird. She loved the singing, the school children and the dancing and she certainly loved the little girl who starred in the film named Xiao Foo. It was very interesting to watch Halainah while Xiao Foo taught Big Bird a few Chinese words. I often wonder if she remembers but by watching her today, I know for sure that she does. She showed great excitement which was totally different when watching anything else. It was also really neat that we actually stood in a lot of the same spots as Big Bird. So when Halainah is older we will be able to show her pictures of all of us in China. I think she will relate so much more with Big Birds help. I have to admit that I cried when Xiao Foo had to say goodbye to Big Bird and asked if he would remember her. It was weird, I just thought about the day we left China to come home and wondered if we would ever return. I was very sad to say goodbye to Halainah's homeland. We will return to China, that is a promise.

I was able to snap a few pics. of Halainah and I hope I captured some of her excitement. You'll notice that she moved around a lot...but her eyes stayed glued to the TV.

Halainah started off on the couch!
She had to get closer for a better look!
Look at those hands...she's totally into it!
Halainah is pointing to all of the school children. They spoke a lot of Chinese in this scene. She really lit up at this point!
Getting closer so she doesn't miss any of the action!
Here she is pointing at Xiao Foo! She loved this little girl!
Settling back on the floor for some rest with her favorite bear!
5 minutes after the movie ended...too much excitement I suppose!

Notice anything wrong with this picture?

Daddy changed Halainah and got her ready for bed. Silly daddy the ruffles go in the back on my bum! Poor little angel...her eczema is back on her neck!


Robert said...

Ni Hao Big Bird!
Xie xie for all of the fantastic pics.
Jiu Jiu

Natalie said...

Do you ever turn on Ni Hao, Kai-lan for her? It's on Nick Jr. Love her reactions to the show, too cute!