Thursday, May 7, 2009


OK, after much investigation, sweat, and hard work, I have figured out this much.
Blogger uses Picasa to upload photos. Picasa offers 1G of free space that can be upgraded to more space if need be. Apparently, when you go over this 1g limit, all of your image links will be broken. Thus our problem. The real sad thing is that Deanna and I never had a Picasa account. So we never had any control over those images. If we had, we could have simply added more space and we would have been fine. So, I am still left pondering what Picasa account Blogger was using?

Anyway, we now have our own Picasa account and when we upload to Blogger, the image is automatically put into our picasa album. Now we can actually see the space we are using and the space we have left.

Now that I understand how this is working, I think it's great that Blogger is linked to Picasa. It makes uploading photos so much easier than having to upload to photobucket, copy the link and then add to a post.

With that said, I am still boiling over not being able to get this info from an actual Blogger staff member. I guess this form of help is non existant for a free product.

So, needless to say, Deanna and I are hard at work (Deanna doing most of the tedious work :)), at getting the Blog restored.

And with all your template changes, you guys have inspired me to try and create one myself. Nothing PS CS4 and Illustrator CS4 can't handle. I'll need to brush up on my HTML/CSS writing.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with us through all of this :)

See you all soon.



Anonymous said...

I gave you some bloggy-love on my blog today! Go grab your button! ;o)