Monday, May 18, 2009


For all those that have been following our miraculous journey you will already know that Halainah eats anything and everything. Our amazing guide in China told us that the Chinese eat anything with 4 legs except a table and anything that flies except an airplane. In Halainah's case, yup 100% true. Even dirt, weeds and now sand. One of the main reasons that I keep blogging is to always treasure the cute little things so that we will never forget them. Hence today's entire post on peas.

So what other child do you know that loves veggies? Halainah loves her veggies which makes feeding her so very easy. Well I am trying to keep her away from junk food and keep her interested in all of the healthy foods so hopefully she will never change her awesome eating habits. So when it's snack time, I give her a cup of something healthy. I couldn't resist snapping some pics. of my Asian angel eating a snack cup full of peas...yup you heard me...peas. And I had to refill her snack cup twice. Now I hate peas and my mother hated peas as well. As a kid I would get so upset because my mother would force me to eat my know...I couldn't get up from the table unless I finished my peas. I couldn't in my right mind understand how she could make me peas and force me to eat them when she hated them herself. Oh what fond pea memories. Lucky for me...Halainah loves peas. So I don't have to think of clever ideas to get her to eat her peas. Unfortunately, I cringe when I see her eating them but laugh at that beautiful face. And I kindly say, "no thanks, mama is full" when she tries to feed them to me.

Halainah is so darn cute! She is so happy to have a cup full of peas!

She licked her fingers to make sure she got every last morsel!
This was refill #1 notice the cup is full again!
Ok so here she spilled a few. Now don't judge me...I usually don't let my daughter eat off of the floor. But I had to snap some pics. What child do you know that loves peas so much that she'll eat them off of the floor?
There's still a few more left that she wants to get!
Almost got them all!
Got the last one!
Refill #2. Notice her oh so cute panda backpack that came all the way from China!
We were pretending to pack up for a sleepover at Grandma's. But not without her cup o' peas!
Oooppps dropped one....let me get that!


Natalie said...

LOL! My Alec is like that. Hey, one out of 4 ain't bad, right? Actually, Lauren likes a lot of veggies, too. But no one holds a candle to Alec in this family. I honestly swear that he will even prefer vegetables over junk. One time we were at my dad's for New Year's and my stepmom brought out a tray of raw veggies. Alec was in another room playing and I yelled, "Alec! Veggies!" He came running as if I had yelled that there were cupcakes. When he was on a trip with my mom and grandma one time, my grandma had brought tons of snacks and junk for the kids (of course), and some prunes for herself. One night at the hotel, Alec asked my mom, "Grandma, can I have a small snack?" My mom looked over to see Alec holding up the bag of prunes!

It's funny how they're all so different. I always tell people that I have one who only wants to eat meat, one who only wants to eat veggies, one who doesn't want to eat anything, and another who will eat just about everything. HA! Enjoy your little veggie eater. I hope she stays that way like Alec has!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I WISH any ONE of my three kids would eat like that! I swear I have the world's WORST eaters!

I hope she continues to be such a great eater!

Anonymous said...


The Godparents said...

ok so how many of you know that both Aunt Linda and Deanna HATE peas.... she get her love of peas from her Aunt Bonnie! :-)