Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I don't know why but I find the below picture so cute. Tony and I cleared out our enclosed front porch on Sunday so that we can turn it into Halainah's playroom. It's not a very large room, but it certainly is warm and cozy since the sun is always shining through the many windows. Halainah loves this room all of a sudden. Well I guess she loves it now since she can move in it. So I was looking around the house for her today since she seemed to have disappeared. I called her name over and over. And I heard a faint little voice say Mama coming from the front porch. So I looked in and almost missed her sitting in the corner drinking her sippy cup. She seems so tiny sitting in an empty room. I can't wait to bring home the toy chest and book shelf that my Pop Pop made for my cousin Alyssa when she was little. It will be so nice to move all of Halainah's toys to one spot instead of all over the house. I know what you are thinking...they are going to wind up all over the house anyway. Well at least everything will have a permanent spot once and for all. I have vivid memories of our front porch. I specifically remember sitting on a paint can in the empty front porch when we just moved in. I was sad not happy. Even though we just moved into our very own house that we picked together, I was going to miss my mom terribly. We were so close, she was my very best friend and I was used to seeing her everyday. Wow thinking back on it now, I would give anything to feel the emptiness I felt than as opposed to the hole in my heart I have now from losing my mom, my very best friend. I also have vivid memories of my mom, being sick and sitting on our wicker couch reading a book. She loved books, so does Halainah. I remember sitting with her that day and talking for hours about her illness. She was so strong, she wasn't scared, or she never showed me that she was. I miss my mom, terribly. I miss having a mom now that I am a mom. I miss my best friend. I am looking forward to Halainah enjoying our front porch and creating happy memories that I'll cherish forever. I know my mom had a hand in bringing Halainah to us. I see my mom in Halainah everyday.


Natalie said...

Wow, those windows are amazing! What a beautiful space. I can tell from the pictures I've seen that I would absolutely love your house. Such charm! What a lovely place to raise your precious daughter.

(((HUGS))) to you! I am sure your mom is very proud of all of you.

Anonymous said...

she is getting so BIG!!!