Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This blog world is so crazy! Sometimes I can't even believe that I am part of it. I am sure some of you know what I am talking about here. I am going to make this story very very short. I have been following this one blog for a long time now. It was about a woman who was pregnant with a little girl who had a certain heart condition. The baby was not expected to live once born. Over the weekend she gave birth to her little girl and updates were added to her blog every few hours. Yesterday, her blog was taken down. Shortly after, 3 other very known bloggers added a post and explained that this woman has lied about her story and lied to thousands of followers.

I am just stunned. I am stunned for the mere fact that I just don't get it. Why on earth would you make something like that up? What was her reasoning? To gain more followers? Why is that so important? Why would you write a fiction blog and pretend it was your real life? Why do some use the blog world to fantasize about a life they want or don't want. I just don't get is just beyond my comprehension.

It just makes me wonder how many others are out there that have fictitious blogs.

Anywho, I am stressing a little bit about this next adoption. Of course I am stressing about the financials because I am really not sure how we are going to come up with the money. But more so about the paperwork. Agghhh it's never ending. I am talking mountains and mountains of paperwork. I am talking six months worth of paperwork, physicals, fingerprints, police clearances, yada yada yada. I am exhausted just thinking about it. So I need to just let go of my fears and frustrations and trust in the Lord that he will see us through all of this. That he is going to help us save our little star fish. Sometimes easier said than done. I am so looking forward to our 2 week vacation that is approaching very soon. I can't wait.

Ok, I am done complaining for now. And of course I'll post pics of my beautiful China doll because she sure brightens my day.

Halainah LOVES books. She has the cutest little babble talk, almost like she is reading the story to me!
This picture was taken the day our social worker came for our post placement visit!
She's happy because she's eating an of her favorite snacks!
Here she is eating a tomato!Here we are at Aunt Deb's celebrating Cassandra's birthday!Not too sure what she was doing here...but she's so darn cute!
So happy to be outside!
I need to frame this one!
Halainah is mesmerized by pretty flowers!
Cousin Love! Halainah hugging Cousin Cassandra on the trampoline!


Anonymous said...

LOVING the pics. She gets more adorable with every blog post!!!

We live in a messed up world. It is truly beyond my comprehension as well.

You are in my prayers as you prepare for your second adoption journey. God is with you. HUGS.