Friday, June 26, 2009


Halainah and I had a fantastic week. Halainah took her first trip to the Big Apple (post coming soon) staring mommy, Aunt Ann, and cousins Sultana and Tyler. We had a great day. We met up with old friends for a play date and went for Halainah's very first photo shoot with Aunt Deb and cousins Norman and Cassandra.

Oh boy, what a wacky crazy photo shoot it was compliments of Halainah Grace Qinyang. Norman and Cassandra were very good, nice and quiet and followed directions very well. Halainah on the other hand had her own agenda.

Halainah doesn't interact with other children very often. I try to take Halainah out to have fun at parks so that she can run around and be with other children. The photo shoot made me realize that she needs to get out more often. She wasn't a bad girl. She was just very active and silly. She thought the studio was a playground, the background was a slide and that it was giggle time. It may have been cute to a bystander but was exhausting for Mama and Aunt Deb. Some how, and I don't know how, we were able to get a few cute shots. But I don't think I am returning until Halainah is 10!

So enjoy the pics. of our crazy wacky photo shoot:

This was the very first picture the studio took and one of the best because Halainah sat still for let's see...about 1 second. They are all wearing authentic Chinese attire...straight from our China trip!

Aunt Deb loved this picture. Halainah looks like a real China Doll to me, she almost doesn't look real in the background.

Halainah was way too silly at this point and Cassie jumped on board the silly train a little bit too. I think Norman just wanted to be done with the cousin pictures.

Here she was throwing herself down on her belly...she thought she was so funny.

Getting ready to use herself as a human bowling ball!

And it's a strike! But a cute picture once its cropped!

Up, down, up, down...she couldn't make up her mind!

Up again...ready to slide!

Caught getting up again after rolling around...but cute pic!

And down the "slide" she goes!
Cousins Cassandra and Halainah...I have no idea how she sat still for this pic. But it was the only one out of a dozen!

I LOVE this pic. of Cassie and Norman. So stinkin cute!

Aghhh...the love of a brother and sister!


4 vs 1 said...

Gorgeous! I love her little looks like she's giggling!!!

Anonymous said...

everyone looks so very happy. Glad things are going well!