Sunday, June 7, 2009


First let me start by saying, "all is well with our family." Geez, you step away from the blog world for a week and we got tons of e-mails and phone calls asking if we're all alright. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate every one's concern. I took a MUCH needed break from my computer to accomplish more important things. Not like documenting Halainah's life is not important because it is very important to me. It's simply that I have failed to keep my life as organized as I would have liked since returning from China MANY months ago. So, I took the week and did some intense spring cleaning to our quaint little home. And boy does it feel good. A clean and organized house makes me very happy. And since I feel organized again I am going to start exercising once again and get life back to normal...or at least a new normal.

So let's see, oh yes, we also had our social worker come for a post placement visit on Wednesday which went exceptionally well. She was very impressed with Halainah's progress physically. Halainah was her usual ham self. Not shy at all and actually she did show off a bit. She danced for Kay (our social worker) and spoke to her. They had a blast together. I especially loved one of Kay's comments simply because it's hard to explain to the blog world how unique Halainah's personality really is without witnessing it first hand. So Kay said, "I know you must get millions of compliments on Halainah's beauty because she is a very beautiful little girl. But you must get compliments about her personality as well, it's so infectious." Kay hit the nail on the head. Halainah's personality is so infectious that you can't help smiling and falling in love with our little girl. So anyway, she was more than pleased and our post placement report will be sent to China this week. We also talked about Halainah's mei mei's adoption. Kay will be coming out in July for our 6 month post placement visit and will be doing our home study for the next adoption on the same day. So that's very exciting to us. However, I'm a little worried as things have changed a lot in the adoption world in the last 2 years. There is a new system in place. And there are things that are more strict in places that we need them to be lenient in. So please keep us in your prayers that we can overcome these obstacles and lay the foundation for Halainah's mei mei.

Since Halainah and I had a very hectic week. We decided that we were boycotting yard week this weekend and we needed to spend time having FUN. So on Friday we took a ride to Staten Island in the horrible rain to go see Aunt Chrissy, Uncle Joe and little cousin Vincent. We went to their home which was nice because I was able to see the nursery now that it's close to completion. It was so very cute. And Vincent is so adorable and so tiny. He looks just like a little man, there is no mistaking him for a girl. We had a great time visiting. Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Joe are exhausted but will get into a routine soon which I know they are looking forward to. Halainah was a little bit of a jelly fish (that's our word for being jealous). She wanted to be in my arms if I was holding the baby and she wanted to be in Tony's arms if he was holding baby Vincent. So we have to break her out of that little stage somehow.

Saturday we ran around shopping and such. I am happy to report that I found the perfect diaper bag. I know that may not sound exciting to some folks but it was a huge accomplishment for me. The diaper bag that I have been using was just not big enough and did not have enough pockets. This one is just perfect and now I won't be so stressed carrying around a bag that I just can't stand. I have a little secret's not really a diaper bag, but it should be cause it's the best one ever.

Hmmm let's see, the best part about Saturday was bringing Halainah into Toys R Us. Again, may not sound exciting to some. But whenever Tony and I ever walked into a toy store we would always say, "I wish we were here with our children." Well seeing Halainah in complete amazement took all of the past pain away. She was so excited. She ran from aisle to aisle yelling, "ohhhhhhh." It was so cute. After her spree of running through the store she had 3 things in her hands, a ball, a stuffed camel, and a little golden book about God. She picked these 3 items all by herself. She also stumbled upon a wall of Elmo's and she went nuts. They were all talking to her cause daddy kept pressing the buttons. She couldn't figure out how there were so many. She was confused but oh so adorable.

Sunday, was another day that we just wanted to relax. So we set off to Aunt Bonnie's and Uncle Mario's for some fun in the pool. This was Halainah's first time in the pool. She was a little unsure at first but by the end she did not want to get out. Once her lips turned blue, we decided that was enough. We enjoyed some fantastic Sunday pasta outside on the deck. I had an amaretto sour thanks to my cousins by the pool. It was just a nice relaxing Sunday. Halainah loves being at her godparent's house. She feels right at home, knows where everything is, has her own toys and always has a blast.

So of course I have tons of pics. from this past week. I'm going to post some pool pics and some baby Vincent pics. and try to add more from last week to this weeks posts.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Halainah wore a very special dress just for Uncle Joe on Friday night!
This is baby stinkin cute is he?
He's such a tiny little adorable you just want to eat him up!
Baby Vincent looks so tiny in Tony's arms...and our little jelly fish had to be on daddy's lap too!
Halainah certainly enjoyed her Sunday pasta and an ice pop for desert!
Just hanging out in the pool...a little uncertain at first.
It didn't take long for her to warm up to the pool.
She had to have all of the balls in the pool next to her.
Look hands!
I think she realized at this point that this pool stuff is fun!
After getting dried off...she sat down for a break.
Inside warming up with Aunt Bonnie while reading a magazine!

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she looks adorable!!!

I use to live and work in China so understand it all.

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