Sunday, June 14, 2009


Well we had another jammed packed weekend filled with family and truly good times. If you noticed I have added a Motivation For Moms badge on the side of my blog. Well today's message read, "Visit relatives often to show children the value of relationships." This is something that is so very important to me. And Tony and I have had many conversations about the importance of family. As a child, I have numerous happy memories of my Oma. I was very young when she passed away but still, still I have thousands of memories of her. And it's the simple little things that I remember most. Like, going to the car wash. Back than you were able to sit in the car and drive it through. My brother and I loved going there and my Oma would wait to wash her car so that she could take us. I remember sleeping over at her house almost every weekend. I remember sleeping next to her, feeling her warmth on my arms. I remember her making us farina in the morning because it was our favorite. But I simply remember her love for me in the little things she did. I want Halainah to have fond memories of her family that she will talk about until she is old and gray. In order for her to have those memories we have to lay the foundation now.

So basically our weekends have mostly been jammed packed with family gatherings since returning from China. We started our weekend by going to visit Grandma and Grandpa on Friday. Grandpa looks wonderful and sounds wonderful which was such a blessing to see. Tony went for a short walk with him because he wanted to show Tony that he could finally do it on his own without his walker. Halainah loves her Grandpa. For some reason she is very drawn to him. She stands by his legs and holds on to his knees and gazes up at him. There are times when we have to pull Halainah away from him because he is not feeling well. But not Friday. Grandpa was finally able to pick her up and it was pure heaven to witness. By the end of the evening, Halainah was calling grandpa, "pa". It was so very cute. Grandma was laughing at Halainah most of the evening because she is such a goof. She is so expressive now. She walks with an attitude. She is very confidant in herself. And she will sit and have a conversation with you, hands flaring and everything, babbling up a storm. Oh she is such a cutie. When Grandma and I went to change her into her PJ's at the end of the evening, she had one of grandma's silver spoons down her pants. Don't ask...I really don't know.

Saturday was spent at Aunt Bonnie's and Uncle Mario's. Uncle Mario was going through Halainah withdrawal "those were his exact words", so we headed over there for a visit. He told us if we couldn't stay that would be alright just drop off Halainah. Like I have mentioned before Halainah has a very strong bond with her Godparents that started way before they even saw her picture. They had a huge pot of clams prepared and Tony could not resist. Yuck Clams... But they enjoyed them. Aunt Bonnie made me chicken with fresh mint. Let me just say that it was the best chicken I ever lie. Yum...I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. It was a beautiful evening full of laughter because of Halainah and her infectious personality. I get tired just watching her. She is one giant ball of energy and so is Uncle Mario because he played with her for 4 hours straight.

Sunday was full of yard work. You know, since Tony and I were married 10 years before having kids, there are a lot of projects we started and hate now. One being the yard. We have a very high maintenance front yard. The weeds constantly need to be pulled and wild flowers grow everywhere. I am a little sad that we are working on covering all of the flowers up so that they stop growing. But we simply don't have the time anymore. We are looking for a well manicured, landscaped front yard that has great curb appeal. So we will be spending a bunch of weekends putting down landscaping material and mulch and rocks. I want a rock garden. To all of our friends and family who live close, if you want some Cone flowers or Black-Eyed Susans let me know now cause they are all going bye bye very soon. By the end of Sunday, Tony wasn't feeling well. Let's hope that it is nothing serious. Halainah and I got over being sick a week or so ago. I was so sick...103 fever...and my skin actually hurt. I don't want to get sick again.

So I think that's about it for now. Can you believe that I don't have a lot of pics. to share? I usually have a ton. But I do have a few.

On Friday, Halainah and I were outside when I heard dada pull up. So I yelled to Halainah, "Halainah dada's here...hurry up let's go see." Well she took off running towards the front...she was so excited. So enjoy the pics of Halainah running to her dada after a long day without him.

Here she is standing just enjoying some sunshine after about a month of rain.

At this point I yelled to her that Dada was home...she hauled butt!

She rounded the corner and spotted Dada in his car.

And this was her expression. Looks like pure heavenly happiness if you ask me!