Sunday, June 28, 2009


Well we certainly had a jammed packed weekend once again. I'm a little sad I have to admit. I feel like this summer is flying by way too quickly. Tony had to remind me that summer officially just started. Good news is that Tony and I accomplished a lot this weekend in the garden. We are nearing completion with 1 or 2 more weekends devoted to the outside. With all of this rain it has been really hard to accomplish anything outside.

As a side note, Tony has been working long hours and I have been re-connecting with old friends. Which has been really nice for me. It's so nice to reminisce about old times and just laugh. We have also been working on paperwork for Halainah's mei mei. You would think that we would be experts by now having completed an adoption already. But we have already run into a few road blocks. I just take a deep breath, say a little prayer and move on. That always helps:)

Halainah keeps us laughing. She gets so excited at the littlest things. And everyday she does or says something new. Let's see today, she started saying, "Boo." Tony and I always peek around to find her and say "Boo" so now she plays the game. She loves to mimic whatever it is that we are doing, whether it be pretending to fill her sippy cup with water at the water cooler. Or pretending to sweep the floor or trying to tickle her dada because he's tickling her. It's perfect for me because when it's cleaning time, I give her a little dust rag and tell her to do it just like mommy. The furniture might not get dusted but hey it keeps her busy.

We ended the weekend with a couple of hours of pool time . We bought one of those family center pools so that Dada can sit in it with her. Not mama...I am not a fan of freezing cold water. The pool is huge for her and when she falls the water went up to her Chin. She didn't like that too much. But she certainly loved being in the water with her Dada. She had a beautiful smile from ear to ear the whole time. You know, I never noticed it before, but I think she has small dimples when she smiles. She is so stinking cute and such a happy girl, even when her lips are quivering because the water was too cold.

Enjoy the pool pics. And Halainah's super cute bathing suit was sent to her by Joyce. Thank you so much Joyce...doesn't she look cute in it?

Look at all that hair. It is finally growing in!

Dada squirting Halainah with water.

Looking at Dada making sure he won't squirt her again!

So happy in the pool!

We laughed hysterically when she made this face...the water was really cold!

Standing in the sun trying to warm up a little!

Thank you dada for taking me in the pool today!

Warming up with a nice big towel!

Isn't she adorable? I just love those little dimples!