Monday, August 22, 2011


We Have Ava!! I know that you all would rather look at Ava's pictures than to listen to me babble so here you go:

About 20 minutes after we arrived at the Cival Affairs office our children arrived. Ava looked so tiny compared to what I pictured her as. She is tiny...all of the 24 month clothes I brought are too big. I would say she is more of an 18 month old in clothes size. And the size 5 shoes are just right. She is beautiful...absolutely beautiful. Her lips are stunning and her eyes...big and gorgeous. Her teacher brought her into the room and she looked confused. She is very frightened....very very frightened and is having a hard time. She has rejected me completely. But has attached herself to Tony...which is good. I am ok with it. Her whole world has been turned upside down and whatever comforts her right now is exactly what she will get. She's potty trained...which completely surprised us. She had an accident at the civil affairs office because she was so frightened. But has shown us that she had to go potty once back in our hotel room. She has gone on the potty about 4 times for us. She's grieving and grieving hard. Once we took her back to the hotel room she refused to take off her shoes so we let her keep everything on. I planned to let her sleep in everything she came to us in if need be. But she had another accident and she needed to be changed and a bath was in order. She cried of course...Halainah hated the bath too. Once we bathed her she fell asleep in Tony's arms and took a good hour nap. We are planning on taking her to the playroom here at the hotel to try and keep her mind off of things and than it's another trip to the walmart. It is actually a little chilly here. I did not bring appropriate clothing for her province. I need to pick up warmer clothes and socks and extremely little panties for her very small tushy. Still can't believe she is potty trained. She may we shall see...I have diapers too. Hopefully tomorrow she will let me in a little bit. If not...she will eventually. It just breaks my heart that I can't console her. We love her so so so much!! And Ava Maria fits her perfectly.


Reena said...


Our second, adopted just under 2-years, completely rejected me in favor of DH. It didn't start to change until after we returned home and DH back to work. Even then, it took a few months.

She is very sweet.

Pablo said...

So glad you are together with Ava! Give me a call when you have time.

My Three Sons said...

I'm SO glad you got her!! My heart is both singing and aching for her. Singing, knowing that she has a loving family who will make her life SO much better, but aching because I can't imagine her fear and sadness right now.

I am so so so happy for you all. One day at a time and once she meets her big sister, the smiles will fill your photos.

Happy GOTCHA Day!! <3

Amy said...

So Happy to see Ava with her family. Looking forward to watching her transition and the soon to be smiles. Love her sweet little lips.

Congratulations on your new daughter

Anonymous said...

We love you so very much and feel very honored to have you in our family. I know it is hard leaving the life you know to enter a life and culture that is completely different. Please know we all understand and we hope your transition improves. We love you!

Dee hang in there!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations--You have a new baby girl!I'm sure you're both ecstatic & can't wait to bring her home.Stay safe.-----Love DAD

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful .... just precious ... been praying !


Aunt Ann

Angie said...

she is beautiful! congrats!

Courtney said...

She is just the sweetest thing ever. That last picture of her sleeping is just precious. Congratuulations!

TanyaLea said...

CONGRATS!! Ava is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful ~ I am just beyond excited for you all!

I remember clearly how difficult that rejection is in those first few days. No matter how much you are prepared for it, it's a different story when it's happening. Just glad that it is now several days later and Ava is starting to let down those walls and allow mama in for some love'in time, too! She'll be "mommy's girl" before you know it!!

Congrats again and know I am SO very, very happy for you!

Blessings & Hugs,
~ Tanya