Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tian An Men Square, The Forbidden City and The Silk Factory

Our day started out with our Orientation meeting. Since this is our second time around we already knew everything our guide Les was saying. Nothing about the process has changed much. The best part came at the end of the meeting when we all were able to see pictures of our daughters and sons. We were shocked to have received new information about Ava. And we received 5 new pictures of her. She is so beautiful and so big. And she was laughing in one of the pictures which was a pleasure to see. We received some information about her schedule. And were also told that she is very attached to her foster mother. I am sure there is going to be a lot of grieving for our little girl. It was so wonderful to talk amongst the other pictures and measurements. We also found out that 1 other family will be travelling to Jilin province with us. So we are not going to be alone after all. In fact the family that we are travelling with are adopting a little boy who is the same age as Ava...I think Ava is 6 days older. We both feel like it's a blessing that we are together as our children can play together. And perhaps they will feel a sense of security as they will be familiar with eachother.

Afterwards, we had another full day of touring. I will never complain about it being hot back at home again. It was hotter than hot today and it litterally wipes your energy right out of your body. We drink a lot of water to keep hydrated. What amazes me is that you can put a gallon of water into your body and nothing comes out...if you know what I mean.

When we fly to Jilin the temperatures are supposed to be aroun 78. I sure hope this is true as we already need a break from the heat and the brutal sun.

The Forbidden City was magnificent and awe-inspiring. When we toured Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden City during Halainah's adoption we admired it from a distance. We did not walk around the city. Today we walked around 40 percent of it. It is huge at just about 720,000 square-meters which is the largest palatial complex in the world.

Our group consisted of about 7 families and we were all dragging towards the end of the tour. The sun and heat got the best of us and we couldn't wait to get onto the air conditioned bus.

Afterwards we went to a silk factory. We learned about a silk worms life cycle. And also how silk is made. It really was interesting. And it made me have a new outlook on silk. It takes so much time and energy to make silk. I wanted to purchase the whole store once we entered the childrens section. But the prices were expensive and I couldn't see purchasing 100 % traditional silk dresses for the girls when they wouldn't wear them that often. I will be waiting to go to Guangzhou to purchase the girls dresses there. But it was neat to walk around and brouse.

Our night ended with a beautiful stroll down walking street. It's a street that is blocked to cars which is nice...because remember...the cars do not stop. It is so bright with the neon lights illuninating the sky. It's much like New York city but it's very clean, the citizens are nice and you feel safe. Even though it is so hot during the night a cool breeze sets in. We had another traditional Chinese dinner and sat in a restaurant that was outside but you sat in a little quaint hut. It was beautiful and delicious. One of the families that we have grown close to invited us out to dinner with them for pizza. They went to the Italian restaurant yesterday and loved it so they were returning. But Tony and I would rather indulge in Chinese food as it is nothing like the "fake" Chinese food we get at home. Why would we want pizza in China? Anyway, Jen and Nate are flying to a different province tomorrow and they will meet their beautiful 2 1/2 year old daughter tomorrow. We meet Ava on Monday. They live in PA which is nice so I am sure we will get together once in a while. But the best part is that we are going to be on the same plane ride home. So our girls will be able to play with eachother.

Well...I am off to bed. I am so so tired. We are meeting our guide in the Lobby tomorrow morning at 8:30. We will be saying a sad farewell to Beijing and will be flying to Jilin Province...where our daughter is from. I cannot believe that we are so close. I am sad to say goodbye to Beijing but am very happy to be going onto the next leg of our journey.

Halainah Grace...Mommy and Daddy miss you so much baby girl! These past few days have been so hard and our heart's ache for you. We talk about you all day and night. I am so happy that when we talked to you today you were laughing and laughing. That silly Daddy...he's so funny!! We love you so much and miss you so much! Grandma will give you a big hug and kiss from us!! Thank you for being such a good girl from Grandma...I'm so happy she is your best friend!!!


Pablo said...

Wow, looks familiar. Just be careful with the heat. I didn't realize that it was making me sick until I was actually sick. Enjoy your time. We are missing China immensely.

Anonymous said...

Did you make a outward wish in the forbidden on the round acoustic center? We miss you and are filled with joy knowing you are enjoying your trip! Please be careful with the heat, heatbstroke affected both of us and it sneaks up on you, drink a abundance of water!


Ava we are thinking of you, you too Monkey!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great time in China. sorry I missed your call tonight. Stay save. Love dad