Saturday, August 27, 2011


We started out our day this morning by going to the breakfast buffet at The China Hotel. It was alright but not as good as The White Swan was. But the best part of the breakfast buffet was seeing all the families that we were in orientation with us in Beijing and meeting their new sons or daughters. Each of us had a story to tell from when we were in our child's province. But the theme was the same...most of the children bonded with one parent and rejected the other. It was nice to talk to the others about it and feel like it just wasn't you.

After breakfast we headed to Shamian Island to get our children's medical exams done and Visa pictures taken. It was one more step that needed to take place before we can leave. And we are so ready to leave China and go home. We need to get our sweet girl home and move forward. Although she is doing really well. She still shuts down at random times.

Ava's medical exam went very well. She weighed in at 22 pounds. Halainah was 20 pounds at 14 months and Ava is 22 pounds at 23 months. The doctor said that he cannot hear a heart murmur so he thinks her PFO has healed itself. But we know from past experience that PFO does not cause a heart murmur so you wouldn't hear it. We will have to see what Ava's cardiologist says. And he said that he does not see any signs of Pigeon Breast so he's not sure why that was noted in her medical report that we received when we were matched. We know that when Ava was found she was malnourished so we think that they must have noted she had Pigeon Breast at that time because her ribs protruded a bit. But anyway, it doesn't matter because her chest is fine. Ava screamed of course...especially when they took off her shoes and clothes. She is very attached to her shoes and feels very insecure when you take her clothes off so that didn't go over that well. But we consoled her and she got over it.

Ava and I are doing fabulous! I know it has been because of all of your prayers so thank you very much. Today she was attached to me like glue. She cried when I had to leave the room to fill out paperwork...she hugs me...kisses me...calls me mama and puts her arms up for me to lift her. She even trusted me to hold her outside of our room. And she fell asleep in my arms on the bus ride back from the medical exam. I think our relationship is blossoming more and more and hope it continues. She had a few distant episodes today. Those don't seem to be getting fewer and fewer...they have been about the same. But we still see times when she is so happy...laughing and playing. I think her adjustment will be an ongoing issue for a while.

Tomorrow we are going to the Jade and Pearl Wholesale market. I am not sure what I am going to purchase...maybe a pendant...we shall see.

The countdown is on...only 5 more days until we are on our way home. I CANNOT wait to see my Lainey girl. I want to hug her and kiss her and never let her go. It has been brutal being away from her and I can't stand it another minute!!

If you have noticed in all of my pictures that Ava is wearing a hat. Well I am glad I brought one with me because she will not leave the room without it. when she is ready to leave she will grab her shoes and her's the cutest thing. I may try a headband tomorrow but don't think it will work since she won't be able to put her hat over it. Ava had a hat packed in with a bag of snacks that her orphanage gave us when we got her. I think she is just used to wearing a hat while outside.

To all my family and friends who are home preparing for the hurricane....please stay safe. We are thinking of you and praying for you! We are extremely nervous being so far from home!


Jenine said...

I read this and have tears in my eyes. We are so thrilled that she is finding her way into mama's arms where she will feel safe forever. We love you and continue to pray for all of you. God Bless.

Courtney said...

She is so precious. I am so glad she is attaching to you.

Amy said...

Love the ruffled tushy

Anonymous said...

To my favorite daughter--lots of happiness for you guys now that your family is complete!--Angels are looking out for you. Can't wait till you are home safe.--LOVE DAD

thegodparents said...

Hey sweetie, we are all well and braving out the storm. The pictures are great, and I had a thought about the hat... aunt ellie loved hats (remember the hat box story), and aunt ellie and your mom were best friends, so this all gives me good thoughts... Ava looks beautiful, and happy, take one day at a time. We love and miss you much!

Natalie said...

It has been a long time since I have commented here, but I was sitting on the couch this evening when I suddenly realized that Tony had recently posted about your trip on Facebook and wanted to check in. Ava has SUCH a BEAUTIFUL little face! What a blessing to have two such gorgeous little princesses in your lives now. I am so very happy for all of you.

I am sure it will be no time at all before she is a total mommy's girl. I have seen the pictures of Halainah and read the stories and there isn't anywhere Ava could have gone that would be more loving. You have so many wonderful things to look forward to.

May God continue to bless you all!

~ Natalie

Anonymous said...

Please give my beautiful niece kisses good night for me ( or good morning in China)

Thinking of all of you! I do wish we could be back in China with you!

Tia Crystal

Anonymous said...

even though you are far away from your parents, please know we miss you and love you very very much!