Tuesday, June 16, 2009


First of all, this is way too weird for me. I never write a post at 3:00 in the afternoon. My posts are usually done at midnight when my two kids are asleep...my two kids being Halainah and Daddy. Sorry Tony but you always say that you are a 'Toys R Us' kid and never want to change that! Ahhhhh...keeps me young so can't complain.

Anywho, last week Tony asked me to pick up some Cherry Italian Ices at the supermarket. So I brought home 2 boxes of Marino's Italian Ices...they were on sale. So he opens up a container and starts to dig in. While shoveling it in and feeding a couple of scoops to Halainah, he starts complaining. He said he keeps getting little plastic pieces in his mouth. So I took a new one from the same box and he was right. So I e-mailed Marino's that evening not expecting a response. I was very surprised to get a phone call the very next morning from a really nice man asking me to explain the whole situation. At the end of our conversation he told me that he wanted to send someone to our home to pick up the box of Italian ices that are in question and bring some new ones. I was very surprised on how kind this man was.

So this morning I received a phone call letting me know that they were sending a man out today and that he would be at my house in 2 hours. The Marino's Italian Ice guy pulled up to the front of my house, opens up the back of his truck and opens up a box that was full of dry ice. He pulls out 5 huge boxes of Italian Ices...I think there are 16 ices in each box. So I answered the door, he hands me all of the free ices and takes the "bad" box. He was also so very nice...just really kind. Halainah was flirting like she always does because she likes men. (sometimes I wonder if she likes men so much because she wasn't used to seeing them for 14 months of her life...who knows.) Anyway, the box in question is going to be sent to their lab for some extensive testing and they will get back to us with any and all information. So while the Marino's man was leaving Halainah started crying because he was taking "her" box of ices even though he gave us like a bazillion more...too funny.

Marino's surpassed my expectations. I wasn't even expecting an e-mail back...never mind a personal delivery of Italian ices to my home. Now comes the hard part...finding enough space in my freezer to house all of the freebies. Alright, so who's coming to my house for some Italian ices? I have Cherry, Watermelon, Lemon and Rainbow flavors. Oh yeah, 1 more thing. The best part was that the ices even came with the wooden sticks. You know the ones you used to get from the ice cream man when we were young. Well who knows maybe the ice cream man still gives you them. I haven't purchased from an ice cream man in a long time. Hey, I do remember as a kid when you used to buy them from the supermarket they came in the box too. What ever happened to those days?


Billy and Alyssa said...

Um, we'll take two cherry please!

TanyaLea said...

How cool is that!!?!! :)

God's favor is good in any situation! Great to know they have such awesome customer service...they'll be blessed for that, too!

And thank you for your nice post on my blog...I appreciate them more than you know!! :)


Robert said...

Sweet...Lemon ice for me please...and Watermelon...and rainbow. I can't believe you got a personal visit from the Marino's man. That is allllllllright!
Jiu Jiu

Anonymous said...

That is just plain crazy! A personal delivery from a company? Enjoy all your treats! enjoy a lemon one for me!

Anonymous said...

WOW! That's great customer service! I'm glad though that no one was hurt with the bad batch!

Enjoy all those gelatos! MMMM!

john said...

marinos ices did that because they did not want to get sued you could of gotten thousands even millions of dollars in settlement. That is an easy way to shut you up. marinos have mexicans men,women and kids selling ices and icecream out of a wooden pushcart with no nyc health permit. these individual run around with no identification so the cops nor nyc health dept. could issue them a citation so they can get away with cheating the city of taxes and lisence fee.