Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Today we returned to the Civil Affairs office to complete Colton's adoption paperwork.  Yesterday we were given 24 hours to think about whether we wanted to adopt Colton or not.  Today when we returned we had the choice of returning him or keeping him forever.  Come on now...he's ours and we are never giving him up!  

We were asked questions like why we wanted to adopt from China.  And if we love our new son.  We were also asked if we still loved him regardless of his special need.  I don't think I ever explained what Colton's special need is.  His special need is the birthmark he has on his right cheek on his face.  Do I love him even with his special need?  What special need?  Colton is perfect in every way.  He is exactly how God wanted him to look.  Personally I think his birthmark makes him look even more handsome if that's even possible.  

Once we answered all of the officer's questions, Tony and I put our red thumbprints over our signatures.  And they placed Colton's footprint in red ink on our paperwork and that sealed the deal.  He is ours forever and ever and we thank God for giving us this perfect miracle.

I cannot even explain how perfect Colton is.  He is the happiest baby that is just so content to be with his new family.  He does not cry at all.  Ok...just a tiny bit but honestly it's only if he somehow hurts himself.  He will sit for hours just playing and smiling.  Today we heard his little baby talk.  He was talking up a storm and smiling.  He is starting to show us his true self and we are loving it.

Today at the Civil Affairs office the head nannies came to complete their side of the paperwork.  They wanted Colton to come by them.  So they were waving him over to them.  One of the nannies came over to him and put out her arms to pick him up.  He turned his head into Tony's arms, he didn't want to go to them.  He was perfectly happy to be with his daddy.  I'm sure that has got to hurt the nannies feelings.  But maybe it makes them happy to see Nan Nan (Colton) so happy to be with his forever family.  We honestly were not expecting Colton to make such an easy transition.  Sure we prayed hard for it but we also tried to prepare ourselves for the worst too.  

After the Civil Affairs office we took Colton and Halainah swimming in the hotel pool.  Our guide told us Colton wouldn't like it so it wasn't a good idea.  Well let me tell you...he LOVED it!  He was splashing and laughing.  He didn't want to get out.   Halainah had a blast in the pool too.  She loves the water and would have spent the entire day in the pool if we let her.

Halainah is a wonderful big sister.  She plays with Colton for hours and makes sure he is happy.  And she loves to give him his bottle.  She keeps saying..."isn't Colton perfect?"  

Colton is definitely delayed with his motor skills but we weren't expecting anything else on that end.  He is currently 14 months old and cannot pull himself from a laying down position to a sitting position.  He does not walk or crawl yet.  He gets himself on his stomach and sort of just pulls himself a little bit but then gives up.  He can hold himself up in a standing position when he is leaning on something.  He can grasp small objects like cheerios but it takes a little bit of time.  These are all things that he will pick up very quickly now that he is with us.  Halainah wasn't even sitting up when we adopted her at the same age so I am happy that he is a little more advanced than she was.

We love watching our son blossom.  We love learning new things about him, like, when he is tired he will suck his thumb and that is the only time.  Also, when he is tired he will start making baby sounds.  When he is happy he rocks back and forth.  

Tomorrow we visit Colton's orphanage.  I'm so excited and also very glad that Colton has attached himself so well to us.  If he didn't we would have cancelled the orphanage trip.  His nannies are so happy that we are coming to visit.  Tomorrow will be the last day that they will see him.  When we were at the Civil Affairs office, one of the nannies called to see how Colton did his first day.  She wanted to know if he ate and slept well and once she found out that he did, she was relieved.  They really took such great care of him and I can tell that they will miss him tremendously.  We will also visit Colton's finding spot tomorrow.  It's going to be a big day...and I'm sure a very emotional one as well. 


Aunt Ann said...

Since I work on my home computer I wait anxiously each morning for each days post. These photographs bring tears to my eyes....couldn't be happier for you! Can't wait to meet him! PTL!

Dawn Bell said...

Praise the Lord! Congratulations! He is absolutely adorable, "special need" and all! Man, what some people consider to be a special need!! Enjoy every moment with your lovely ladies and handsome man! And PLEASE don't stop blogging again! I want to see your family grow together! XOXO

deb said...

He is so cute. What size is he did you bring the right cloths? I can't wait to hear him laugh and talk. I will say prayers that tomorrow will be a good day. It seems that where will be no problems as we can tell by the pictures he is very happy with his forever family. Give him hugs and kisses Halaina too!!
love and kisses Aunt Deb

Audra Campbell said...

So happy for you guys!! Colton is so cute and he looks like he is adjusting well to you! That is how Jadon was with my husband and we had few tears as well! Praise the Lord for your little guy and that you are all doing well. Look forward to hearing how the rest of your trip goes!!
God bless!
Audra Campbell(adoptive mom of Jadon)

OPA said...

Great pictures! Colton looks like Tony without a beard. :.) :-)) Love OPA

OPA said...

OH by the way--- What is that a Staten Island Hat ? Love DAD

Cami Jamison said...

So exciting!