Thursday, July 10, 2014


Not much to report today.  Today was a free day and so we asked our guide to take us to the local Walmart.  We love looking around at all of the different things China has to offer.  It wasn't an exciting trip to say the least.  When we were on our adoption trip to Ava, there was a local Walmart right across the street from the hotel.  They had tons of neat stuff.  But not this one.

After Walmart we went to the pool at the hotel.  Since both Halainah and Colton love the pool it makes for an easy afternoon.

We are approaching the end of our trip now.  Tomorrow we fly out of Changsha, Hunan Province for the last leg of our journey to Guangzhou.  This is about the point where we feel like we just want to be home to start our lives together.  It's getting hard living out of suitcases, we miss Ava tremendously and although Colton is one of the easiest babies I know, we still need to get him into a permanent routine.  

Colton just goes with the flow.  We have been on the go since we got him and he is fine with it.  We are starting to see his feisty side as he is now getting comfortable with us.  He was touching something that he shouldn't touch today and Tony kept taking his hand off of it.  Colton was getting angry and started to grunt.  It was really cute but we can tell he has a stubborn streak to him.  

Colton is also starting to cry when one of us leaves the room.  That's amazing and is a sign of his bonding to us.  He wants to be with us all the time and doesn't want us out of his site.  We did see a little melt down this evening.  But he was very tired and wanted his bottle and I wasn't getting it fast enough.  Once he had his bottle he was a new child and quickly drifted off to sleep.  

This evening after Colton's bottle, I was laying next to him.  He kept looking deep in my eyes and touching my face.  I wonder what is going on in his tiny little head.   He easily goes right into his crib when it's night night time and will talk to himself and finally fall asleep.  At first I thought this was great.  But this evening it occurred to me that this is the way he has been falling asleep for his entire life because nobody was there to rock him, or sing to him or just hold him.  He had no choice but to self soothe and put himself to sleep.  It was so nice to see him starting to accept his new life.  He is not used to all of the hugs and kisses.  In the beginning he would pull away.  But now he can't get enough.  

Please pray for us tomorrow as we will be boarding yet another flight to Guangzhou to complete the last items of the adoption.  We leave the hotel at 3:30 and will arrive in Guangzhou close to 9:00 pm.  Please pray Colton does well on the plane. 

We found out today just how much Colton loves noodles.  Just like his sister!  We called her noodle girl in China and now we have a noodle boy!  Just put a few noodles in his mouth with chopsticks and he slurps them right up!


deb said...

He is captain adorable!!
I can’t wait to give him hugs and kisses. I would love to see pics of him splashing in the pool.
I will pray that you have a safe trip and that Colton is just as good the rest of the journey home.
Thank the lord for such a lovable, cute and adorable addition.
Hugs and Kisses
Aunt Deb

0pq said...

Colton looks like he is one happy baby boy! Can't wait till you bring him home. Will be thinking about you guys tomorrow and praying for a safe flight. Love--DAD