Tuesday, July 28, 2009


On the beach, you can live in bliss."

- Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys

We are simply having a blast in North Carolina. The weather has been so beautiful. It rained last night but we were all sleeping. By the time we got up the sun was shining once again. Just another perfect beach day. It has been very hot here. Almost unbearable to sit outside if you are not near a pool or the ocean. The beaches are very clean and the ocean water is very clear as well. We are all the way in the outer banks of North Carolina so it is very quiet and peaceful. It is perfect. Halainah has been a perfect Angel for us. She loves being the center of attention. And she most certainly is being spoiled on this vacation.

We decided today was another perfect day to go to the beach. So we loaded up the truck again and headed to a different beach this time. There were more people at this beach but we decided to stay anyway. Don't get me wrong...it wasn't packed by any means. The water was calm today and the waves rolled in slowly. Halainah was very excited to be at the beach again. She was a little too excited though. She grabbed one of her sand toys and took off towards the water. She tripped and wiped out face first into the sand. She got sand in her eyes, in her mouth and her ear was filled. Poor thing. She is a tough cookie but this wipe out was a little too much for her to handle. We took her to the water and washed her down. She was a little crabby at first but eventually she broke out of it and was living life to the fullest...beach style.

We grilled burgers and sausage sandwiches at lunch time...so delicious. I enjoyed an Amaretto Sour while soaking in the rays. Halainah played in the water and in the sand all day except when she took a little nap. I could get used to this beach life that is for sure. It's so refreshing to get away from it all. It has been simply carefree days for us here. The house we are staying in is called, A little bit of paradise. And it really has been like paradise here. We have been eating like champs and I will need to go on a crash diet when I get home. Tony has been eating like the rich and famous with seafood every night. We are enjoying every minute of every day and we are sad to think that at some point this glorious vacation will end.

Enjoy the pics. from today's day at the beach.

Halainah running on the beach as soon as we got there.

Wipe out! She ran too fast and tripped...sand was everywhere!

Cousins CJ and Mikey skim boarding!

Halainah holding onto mommy's finger...after the wipe out it took a little time to be brave again!

Brothers, Uncle Mario and Uncle John cooling off in the water!

The three of us...one happy family loving the beach!

I love this pic because Halainah and daddy look so in love (I look terrible)!

How cute are those little feet! Aunt Bonnie painted Halainah's toes!

What a cute beach baby!

Brave again...she forgot about the wipe out at this point!

Halainah loves the beach...such a happy little girl!

Hanging out at home after the beach. She is getting so tan and I cover her in 50 and 70 SPF!


Andrea said...

Great pictures! I love Outter Banks...we would love to own a home there one day!

Gardenia said...

Hi. thanks for stopping by. I love the photo of your little daughter walking away from the camera in that darling two piece suit. what a little sweetheart. and the pig tails -- too cute. isn't the beach so fun! we've not been to the beach yet this year.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog on the picture blog hop and saying such wonderful things..you made me cry all over again.

your daughter is adorable and I thought I saw some toe nail polish maybe? Something I never got to do! lol...polish little baby girl toe nails :)

I miss that age! They are cute beyond reason


Courtney said...

Great photos. I love the beach. So glad you guys are having so much fun!

Terri said...

What great pictures!!! I love her little toes painted so cute!

Sounds like your having a blast and by the way...you look great! =)