Sunday, July 13, 2014


Oh my gosh when I tell you it's hot have no idea what HOT is.  When we adopted Ava in August of 2011 I don't remember it being this hot.  You step outside and within seconds you are dripping wet.  We are sweating in places that you wouldn't think you could sweat.  I know...too much information.  It's very hard to be outside which saddens me because I don't want to spend my days in the hotel.

But honestly it's almost unbearable to be outside.  Today we decided to venture out at about 9:30 to Yuexiu Park.  It's a huge park across from our hotel.  It contains the symbol of Guangzhou, a huge sculpture of the Five Rams.  Locals visit the park to practice Tai Chi and other exercises there.  We saw people playing cards, playing instruments, singing and dancing.  The locals don't seem to mind the heat as much as we do.  I guess they are used to it.  The highlight of the part to Halainah was the lake filled with tons of Koi fish.  Halainah desperately wanted to feed them and asked me if I had bread in my backpack.  I told her no but I had her brother's Cheerios in my backpack.  She said "ok...that will work...besides everybody loves Cheerios."  She's too funny.  And she was right...the fish went nuts for the Cheerios.  Halainah was loving it.  And too bad for Colton...he was out of Cheerios until we made it back to the hotel.

We only lasted about 1 1/2 hours outside in the heat before heading back.  Halainah's fever finally broke during the night last night...thank you for your prayers for her.  She is still not feeling that great but she made it through the park.  She's complaining of a sore throat now but we are on day 2 of antibiotics so I'm sure we are fine.  Still praying the rest of us stay healthy.

We spent a few hours in the hotel to rest and cool off.  We went out to grab something to eat around 4:45 and the heat was much more bearable at that time.  After dinner we went swimming in the pool.  And after a swim in the pool, I threw my monkeys in the tub and they had a blast playing together.  I can't wait until I have all 3 of my monkeys in the tub!  Only a few more days and we will be making our way back home.

I love China.  I will be forever grateful to The People's Republic of China for giving me 3 amazing and beautiful children.  However, it's time to come home.  I'm tired of living out of a suitcase and eating out everyday.  I'm tired of running all over the place.  And I am getting a little tired of the stares.  In the beginning I was totally ok with it.  I get it...we are different.  I get that the locals are genuinely happy for us and our children.  I love the thumbs up that we get all of the time.  But I just want to go back to our "normal" life.  Halainah is struggling at this point too.  She gets stopped all the time, the locals love to touch her face and tell her she's pretty and they love to talk to her in Chinese.  In the beginning Halainah would smile and say "Ni Hao".  But now she's telling the locals, "I don't speak Chinese" with a little bit of an attitude.  We have tried to explain to her that they are just curious and to smile and be nice.  But I sort of can't blame her at this point.  I think 2 weeks is a lot of time here and we are just ready to start our lives as a family of 5.

Colton is still a good baby.  But he's starting to show us more and more of his personality.  He is at the point where he only wants to be held.  It doesn't matter if it's me or Tony but he doesn't want to be put down.  So we are seeing more tears from him at this point because we can't possibly hold him every second of every day.  I think once we get home and can get him in a routine that may change.  I am sure that he is loving be loved on everyday.  So I can't blame him for wanting to be in his mommy and daddy's arms.  There were no arms to hold him a lot in his orphanage.  

Tomorrow we are visiting another park and heading to Shamian Island to do some shopping.  Halainah is excited about that.  

Only a few more days and we come home...can't wait!!


OPA said...

Sounds like you guys are homesick. Someone special is going to clean your house tomorrow. We will get you the basics for your fridge when you come home on Wed. Stay safe ... Love DAD

Pablo said...

Stay cool. Love the pics. Can't wait to meet Colton.