Friday, January 30, 2009


Let's see, we have been the parents of our beautiful daughter for exactly 26 amazing days. And today is the very first time that Halainah did not cry when we gave her a bath. And get this...she even smiled for a little bit. Let's go back a one January 4th...Gotcha day. Our angel was soaked with sweat and I wonder why. Well because she had 5 layers of clothes on. So we decided to give her a bath. That is the one and only time she cried. Day 3...she screamed more. Day 5...daddy decided to put on a bathing suit and get in the tub with her. She still cried but not so hard. Day 7...tears, tears and more tears. And so on and so forth. When we got home we tried taking her in the shower with us. Yup she didn't like that either. So for the last few times I have been giving her a bath in our kitchen sink in a tub ring that she can sit in with tons of toys. And I think she is starting to like it. Hey, if bath time is our only difficult part about being Halainah's parents...I'll take her bath sadness. It just breaks my heart to see those tears.

All Clean and ready to go out!


Anonymous said...

D, She looks much happier than your first pictures you took of her getting a bath. Devon was the same way about the tub and loved the kitchen sink. It made life easier for me too :-) Hope everything is going well. -Kate