Monday, January 12, 2009


So I need to go back a day and recap the events for that day. I was very ill yesterday so there was no way I could have crawled out of bed to blog. So sorry for that but we thought you all needed a break as well since the prior days post only produced 3 comments. Like I said, I was not feeling myself yesterday. After mountains of paperwork to obtain Halainah's Visa we set off to find a market that was across the island. We found it after walking many miles and going through weird alley ways that contained people selling anything you can think of including, dried sea horses and animal sculls and tiger paws. It was more than I cared to view so needless to say we walked quickly. The market was insane. There were people everywhere. We enjoyed the market because it did show us the "real" China that we have been craving since Nanchang. But it was way too busy for us and we set back to the hotel. My body was so weak I could hardly hold myself up. By the time we got back to the hotel I just collapsed. My throat hurt worse than I can ever remember. By the end of the night I knew that I had something serious. So I started a regimen of Emergen C, Airborne and antibiotics. Tony was an excellent dad and cared for Halainah all day which included changing stinky diapers, feeding her, making bottles and rocking her to sleep. I didn't pick her up once yesterday or kiss her so by this morning I missed my little Lainey Bug so very much. I feel a little better today but still can't swallow so hopefully by tomorrow I will feel better.
My brother and I went to a jade market and a pearl market. I was in search of a jade bracelet that I wanted as a connection to my daughter. The market was overwhelming to say the least. But after a while I found one that I was in love with. The asking price was 800 yuans. Our guide told us that was way to much so she told the sales woman that we would give her 300 yuans. They said no that it was worth way more than that and showed me some more that they would give us for that price. But they were smaller and not as translucent. So we started to walk away. They called us back and when all was said and done we paid 350 yuans. Just about $52 American dollars. It was a GREAT deal and it's beautiful. The pearl market was overwhelming. It was literally 6 stories high with thousands of stores. I did not purchase anything there it was just too crazy for me.
This morning we had to take Halainah for her medical exam. It is part of the Visa process. Halainah did not like it one bit. They checked her height and weight. She is 21 pounds according to their scales. They checked her ears, nose and throat. And they checked her heart. The doctor said that she does not hear a heart murmur. So that is the second doctor that has told us that the hole in her heart has closed. Of course we won't celebrate until our doctors tell us that she is healed. But it all sounds like very good news. Halainah received a clean bill of health which made us very happy.
After the medical exam we dressed Halainah in a traditional Chinese dress for her famous picture on the red couch. It has been a tradition that every family that adopts a China baby takes a picture on the red couch in the White Swan Hotel. Well it was not that exciting at all. It literally is a small couch in the lobby of our hotel. All the babies cried, well at least Halainah did and there really wasn't a good picture. But I guess we can say that she sat on the famous red couch.
At night we went on a short night cruise. It was a lot of fun and it was awesome to see the lights of Guangzhou. It reminds us a lot like Las Vegas. It has been about 60 degrees during the day, sun is shining and we can wear a light sweatshirt. I am not looking forward to the frigid weather back at home.
Halainah is still the best baby I know. She has the cutest laugh and daddy can get the best belly laughs from her. She is extremely ticklish and mimics a lot of things we do. She constantly makes us laugh. She bonded with us right from the beginning and we have noticed that she no longer goes to strangers easily. She wants to make
sure that mommy and daddy are near by. She has attached herself to us as we have attached ourselves to her. We cannot imagine our lives without her. She is God's greatest gift and we are forever grateful for his glory.


A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear you did not feel well Dee. I hope you start to feel back to your old self again soon. I love the pics and as usual Halainah looks beautiful. I love her traditional dress. She looks like a beautiful China Doll. I can not wait to see you guys..and give her a big hug and kiss. I can not wait for the kids to meet their new cousin...I am sooooooo happy for you guys. The joy in your faces speaks volumes. Well, little LeeLee Bee is to tend to her..
I am sorry I did not get to comment that one day, but we were out from 10am to 8pm..long story, for another day..but, I did read your posting at like 8:15pm..
Can't go a day with out seeing you guys..and who has to with this great invention of the
Lots of Love and Kisses..
Annmarie and Tommy and the entire gang.....

Anonymous said...

Hey d, sorry to hear that you were sick. Hopefully you feel better before you leave. There is nothing more painful than having a sinus infection and flying (I did on my huh?). I saw that you named her Lainey Bug. I, being a "Katie Bug" as you know, thought that was great :-) I am sure you guys are excited about coming home and getting her on a schedule and everything. Is she saying Mama or Dada yet? Cant' wait to talk to you when you get back. - Kate

Natalie said...

Ick! I'm so sorry to hear you've been feeling so bad. That's got to be really hard when you are away from home. I hope the antibiotics kick in and you are feeling much better by the time you have to fly home.

I've enjoyed following your journey so very much. I check in every day, even if I don't post a comment. I love hearing about everything and seeing the pictures. It makes me so happy hearing about all the "little" things you are now experiencing as parents from day to day. It warms my heart so much.

I hope you are able to enjoy the rest of your trip and have a smooth flight home. Halainah sounds like such a good little thing, so hopefully she will do well on the long flight. I am hoping to send a little box for her in the next couple of days!

God bless!

~ Natalie

Anonymous said...

Hi Girlie!

Sorry you were sick, however, good to know you are feeling better - felt somthing was wrong, as we hadn't heard from you guys.

Halainah looks so cute in her China attire - enjoyed the new photos.

Your Dad will call you soon.

Love You Guys - Take Care - Be Safe!

Dad & Joyce

The Godparents said...

So Sorry we didn't comment yesterday to Bobby's blog... was nice to hear his take on the trip, as it sounds like he is very much enjoying it. I love today's picture with Bobby and the statue... all he is missing is the hat, but it's something that should go in a magazine. We are sorry that you are not feeling well,just crazy changes in temperature will do that to you, but hopefully when you get home and settled, all will be well. We miss you all very much and can't wait to see you all home and meet our beautiful goddaughter! The kids returned to school today but are back on Thursday evening so that they can be here to greet you home! We are all so excited that Halainah has been getting clean bills of health and that all seems to be well with her... hopefully she will acccept us into her new family as quickly as she has accepted you. As always, we love and miss you much and can't wait to see you! love
Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Mario

Anonymous said...

Ni hao--great to hear from you guy's!!--I thought Lou bo te wrote a very informative blog the other day.---An dong ni looks good with no facial hair and looks 10 years younger.---call you later tonight and stay safe (Deanna look out for those coocahrahchaaaaaas).
Love you all---Ba Ba

Anonymous said...

Been crazy over here but now I'm back and all caught up with your blog....

Sorry to hear that you're not doing well. PLEASE take care of yourself and I hope that whatever you have gets all cured up by the time you fly back... (Don't forget to have decongestants to pop before you take off on the plane and for before you start to land so that your ears can handle the change in altitude.)

Glad to hear that another doctor gives her a clean bill of health... Oh, and the bracelet sounds pretty!

Sending you lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Wellyou certainly have had your hand full with all the "yuckies' going around. hopefully you will all feel 100% to get back on the plane. but i iwll say that you all seem to push through it and are still finding joy in everything you are experiencing. the stories you tell are vivid and colorful enough to envision what is going on there... thanks bobby for the cockroach story. sounds disgusting... dee i can just imagine that sight. anyway, i lied and i am not going to be able to wait to see you when you get back because i need to meet her immediately. i love seeing the pictures and how she melts into all of your arms. Enjoy the last few days of this amazing start to a new chapter in your life. we miss you and pray for travel mercies as you prpare to head home. we lovee you see you soon

Anonymous said...

by the way the last post was me Jenine sorry i got distracted at then end:)

Bonnie said...

Again, I know that you don't know me, so I hope you don't mind the comments:) I have loved following your blog over the last couple of months. Halainah is beautiful and I'm glad to hear she is adjusting so well. I hope you are feeling better soon! Enjoy every minute of your trip... it's is such a magical time. Congratulations!!!