Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Well we had a little bit of a rough day today. Halainah is not feeling well. She has been battling a cold and a lot of congestion since Gotcha Day. We were hoping it would break and we would not have to give her antibiotics, but she got much worse last night. She was up every 10 minutes and would just moan and moan for a few minutes until she went back to sleep. This happened all night long. So needless to say, mommy, daddy and Jiu Jiu were so exhausted today. When she awoke she had a fever so I started the antibiotic as well as infant Tylenol for the fever.

Halainah was sad for most of the day. She is normally a very happy baby. So it was amusing to see her try to get herself out of the cranky state and into her happy mode. Every couple of moments we would see happy girl again. She took many naps today so that means that she was wired trying to get her down for the night.

She is now asleep next to Tony and I fear moving her. But I am not getting her in the habit of sleeping in our bed so hopefully she will move into the crib alright.

Jiu Jiu went to bed at 9 tonight because he is not feeling well. So I hope Halainah did not get us all sick.

We visited a beautiful Taoist Temple today in the countryside. There was a lot of history, paintings and neat stories. But Tony and I missed most of it because we were trying to comfort Lainey Bug. But the grounds were beautiful and the paintings were beautiful.

One of the things we find most amusing in China are the signs. I will post a picture of just one of the many signs that we can't figure out what they mean. If you can figure it out, let me know.

Today was a rough day and it made me feel like I don't want to be on the run anymore. China is beautiful but having a cranky baby and trying to do things in freezing cold weather is not what I would call a picture in the park. I don't have that many pictures of Halainah today since she was a little under the weather and didn't really feel like being a ham for the camera. I pray that tomorrow she starts to feel a little better and we will have our spunky daughter back. I am going to try and move her in her crib now so I can go to sleep. Enjoy the pics.


A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Sorry to hear that Halainah is not feeling well. We will pray that she is feeling better for you guys in the morning. Probably some rest is much needed. Dee, you look great holding your little Lainey Bug..Hope you guys have a great day when you wake up...
Lots of Love we are sending your way..
Annmarie, Tommy and the Gang...
PS. I hope Bobby feels better as well...prayers for his restored health as well:)

Alyssa said...
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Alyssa said...

I like Lainey Bug, your little lady bug, your good luck charm! I hope the cutie feels better, and I dont mean Jiu Jiu! :)

Love you guys and miss you lots!

Anonymous said...

Argh.... So sorry that Halainah and Bobby are sick. :( Make sure you and Tony take care of yourselves so that you don't all end up sniffling away....

I'll send positive vibes across the ocean to you... :)


Amber said...

Tony and Deanna,

Halainah is so beautiful. I'm so unbelievably happy for all three of you. I can't wait to meet her!

Love, Amber

PS - Hope Lainey (love that nickname) feels better soon! And Deanna, I absolutely love her outfits. You need to come shopping with me and help me pick out clothes for Sofia!

The Godparents said...

I'm sorry that Halainah is not feeling well, I was hoping it would just pass... tell Bobby that we hope he feels better, and that you all can enjoy the remainder of the trip... it will all be over soon, and then you can come home and start a routine with your beautiful daughter. Uncle Mario had his surgery today and all went well, he's resting on the couch and will probably be a "cranky pants" tomorrow! We love the nickname... she is definately a cute "lainy bug!" We love you lots and will talk soon! Keep us posted on how you all are feeling!

Anonymous said...

I hated to hear that Lainey is sick. I am so anxious for all of you to come home. I hope Bobby is feeling better and Halainah is her old self tomorrow. Keep us posted.
Love and kisses,

Anonymous said...

Sorry you guys aren't feeling well, hope you recover quickly so you can enjoy the remainder of your China trip. Get as much rest as possible and eat lots of chicken soup. Will not be too long until you will be home with your family and your house will be filled with the joys of a precious child.

Love You Guys - be safe!

Dad and Joyce