Sunday, January 4, 2009


Today was absolutely amazing. The most amazing day of our lives. We are currently in Nanchang with 3 other families. We all met in our guides room at 4:30 and the babies came in one by one. Halainah is breathtaking, truely beautiful. She never cried once, she has been smiling and laughing and dancing since the moment we put her in our arms. Somebody pinch me please I must be dreaming. She is happy to be in my arms, daddy's arms or Jiu Jiu Bobby's arms. She eats like a champ hence her being 25 pounds...yup that's right not 22 but 25. But the 12 month clothes are still a little big for her. But she has a teeny tiny foot...only a size 2. We are in love, oh so in love with our beautiful China doll. God is so amazing, truely amazing. She drank an entire bottle, about a half a jar of cheerios, 3 rice crackers, some white rice and 2 pieces of watermelon. She has filled her diapers to the brim. She is so healthy, so very healthy. And get this...the director of the orphanage said that they had her examined before she left, and the tiny hole in her heart closed. Now, we are not getting excited until our doctors examine her, but it truly is possible that she has been healed by God. I cannot explain how we feel right now, so in love. So amazed by God's grace, so amazed that we have been blessed to be Halainah's parents. So amazed that God's plan led us straight to our daughter. Halainah is currently laying in her crib, playing with her dolly and loving her new surroundings. We are amazed on how well she is doing. Did I say, is this for real yet? We are parents! We are so in love. Jiu Jiu Bobby was in tears when Halainah was given to us. He captured such amazing pictures that we would never have been able to capture. And we are forever grateful to him. This is truely the most amazing journey I have ever been on. I am so full of tears while I am writing this, true tears of happiness. So without further ado....and what you all have been waiting for....our daughter....Halainah Grace...our Shining Light of God!!


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD, SHE IS SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL, SHE IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!! It's like watching a movie from this end of the blog, and the BEST PART is that instead of this being the ending, it is the BEGINNING!!!!!!!

Aunt Ann

Bonnie said...

I have been following your journey for a little while now (I too am an adoptive mama.) I just wanted to leave you a comment and say CONGRATULATIONS! Enjoy your beautiful baby girl.

Anonymous said...

We can't even put into words the excitement we are sharing with you guys, as we view the photos, and the wonderful news of the hole in Halainah'sHalainah'sHoliness heart closing - YES, GOD IS WONDERFUL!!!! We can't wait to meet HalainahHalainah, God's beautiful gift, in person. She appears to be such a happy little girl, who is already loved more than words can express. It is evident that all you guys are beaming with love and joy as you interact with HalainahHalainah. It is also evident, not only does HalainahHalainah have loving parents, she is blessed with an uncle who adores her (Bobby is beaming also).

Keep us posted - we are waiting anxiously for the next message and more photos.

Love You Guys!

Dad & Joyce

Anonymous said...

Deanna, not sure why the double wording appeared in the prior message - must have been a computer fluke - just wanted to clarify.


Anonymous said...

She is truly beautiful. I kept going on the computer since 7:00 am waiting patiently for pictures. I cannot stop crying. I am so overjoyed for Anthony and you. She is truly a child blessed by God. Praise the Holy Name of Jesus. I cannot wait to hold her in person. And now there are three. God is good all the time. Sam was also crying and saying how beautiful she is. We are overjoyed for the both of you.
Counting the days till you return.
Love, hugs, and kisses

OPA said...

Congratulations to the new mother who is also my favorite daughter!!
Halainah is just beautiful--can't wait to see her.The 3 of you look ecstatic with your smiles from ear to ear!!
stay safe -love you--Dad--aka OPA

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Deanna and Tony,
She is ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!The moment you waited for has arrived...Congatulations seems too small a word......but, congrats,You guys have the MOST BEAUTIFUL CHINA DOLL......God's plan finally revealed. Give her a Kiss from us...until we meet her
All our love..
Annmarie, Tommy, Celeste, Antoinette, TJ, Serena and Leanna

The Godparents said...

Deanna & Tony...
Uncle Mario and I cried tears of joy as we read the latest news. We too have been checking all morning patiently awaiting the news... Uncle Mario said he knew all would be well... Aunt Linda your mother angel is watching! Halainah is so beautiful, she looks so happy and healthy! We can't wait to hold her and spoil her rotten! We love you all so much! Uncle Mario also said that Bobbie looks good with a baby in his arms... the three of you look great together, so happy that this has finally come true!
We love you all very much!
Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Mario

Amy said...

Congratulations!!!!! She is such a beautiful little girl. You all look so happy. ENJOY!!!!


Anonymous said...


Congratulations,!! I am so happy for your guys, I know how hard you have worked for this and to see your dream finally come true is truly amazing. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!
-Rob O'Connor

Christy Hardwick said...

She is so beautiful! We are so excited to finally see you with your sweet girlie! You have just begun the most amazing journey of your life...parenthood. Congratulations!!! Take it all in! Lily and Grayson are jumping up and down with excitement over the pictures so keep them coming! Cant wait to see you guys once you are settled home. Give her a big hug from us!
Oh and who is your guide?
Tell Phoebe and Catherine we said hello once you get to Guangzhou!
Phoebe will remember us by Graysons head stitches being removed ... she took us there.
Well enjoy the rest of your trip and have a GREAT time.
Much love,
Christy Eric Lily Grayson and Marley XO

Joan said...

Congratulations! WOW! She is just beautiful! I am so happy and excited for you both. The long wait is over and you are together with your forever family. happy...share love.

Much love


Anonymous said...

Hey new little niece!!!!!!!!!!!! You are sooooooooooo beautiful! Your aunt Chrissy and uncle Joe cannot wait to hold you and squeeze your little cheeks. We can't wait for all you guys to get home. Enjoy the rest of your trip with your wonderful addition ... and yes like all the others we read about gotcha day with tears in our eyes ... we are truely happy for the both of you. Miss you & love you!

Anonymous said...

She looks sooo happy. I am so glad that she has not cried. That would have been hard. You are all so Happy!!!!! This is wonderful.
Can't wait to see more pictures.
The kids can't wait to meet her.

All our Love.
A. Deb

Anonymous said...

Dear little Halainah-
What a blessing you are! not only to your wonderful parents but to the rest of us! you have family awaiting you all over the united states and around the world! you are loved by so many. You look so happy to be around those who have loved you from the start and will continue to love you for the rest of your life. Your Grandma Linda is looking down at you and sending lots of huggs and kisses from heaven to you. We can't wait till you come home to everyone! I can't wait to see you! your Uncle and I can't wait till you get bigger to take you camping in colorado!
Aunt Crystal

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, beautiful, nice? I couldn't find the right words to describe my feeling when I say the pictures. Best wishes from the Burger-family of Germany.

Michaela, Klaus, Florian & Lukas

Anonymous said...

Dear Deanna and Tony,

Halainah is absolutely beautiful! May God Bless your new family and enjoy EVERY single minute, they grow up SO fast!!!


Anonymous said...

We are overwhelmed with joy!
Halainah is such a beautiful gift from God!

We've had to look at the pictures a few times over because they are hard to see through our tears of joy for you. It was meant to be that her heart was made whole now that you're with her!

All three of you look great with her, and she looks so happy to be with you! :) We are so excited for you and will be constantly watching this blog to get updates. We can't wait to meet her!!

Lots of love,
Uncle Russ, Aunt Doris, and Jamie

Natalie said...

I am crying! When I went to logon and check on you all this afternoon, our internet wasn't working and I was about to jump out of my skin, LOL! She is absolutely GORGEOUS, even sweeter than the previous pictures. She looks so happy and you both are glowing. I cannot express adequately in words the joy I feel for your new family. I know it has been a long and most difficult road, but God knew what He was doing and has blessed you richly. I'm sending you all a huge (((HUG))). CONGRATULATIONS!!! Enjoy every minute with your precious, precious little girl!

Angie Vinez said...

Tears are streaming down my face as I type this. I haven't been following your blog for long, but from the moment I found you all, I have kept each of you in my heart and prayers. I could not be happier that you now have your beautiful daughter and you will soon be bringing her home. God is so good. His timing is perfect.

Continued thoughts, prayers, and blessings to your new little family!