Thursday, January 8, 2009


Halainah had a great night of sleep last night, went to sleep about 10 and woke up around 8:30. She is feeling so much better and we have our happy little angel back. She was full of laughs and talked and talked all day long. I am so happy she is feeling better, it really did break our hearts to not be able to comfort her yesterday.

We visited Teng Wang Pavilion today which was so gorgeous. Which is not really a surprise since all of China is breathtaking. There's 89 steps to get to the top and once there you can see all of Nanchang. We watched a little show that had traditional Chinese dance and music. We were all in awe by the beauty of not only the show but the people who were singing and dancing.

Jiu Jiu, me and Halainah took a picture by the brass pig since Halainah is born in the year of the pig. Her daddy and Jiu Jiu are also born in the year of the pig. We had our last dinner as a group this evening and it was really emotional.

Tomorrow Sissy, our guide will be leaving us and taking us to the airport so that we can fly to Guangzhou to get Halainah's Visa. We will receive her passport in the morning. We are excited to be going onto the next stage of our journey but we are very sad at the same time. This is where Halainah was born. This is where Halainah's birth mom placed her in front of the Shangrao Social Welfare Institute of Jiangxi Province in hopes that she would be found and taken care of. I am so thankful to her birth mom for allowing us to be Halainah's parents. I pray that she may somehow know that her daughter is loved more than anything else in the world. I pray that she is at peace.

I will miss Nanchang but I walk away knowing that we truly captured Halainah's province and that we will be able to share all of the memories and pictures with her when she gets older.


The Godparents said...

We are so happy that she is much better... she looks like an angel sleeping! Your next steps begin... we are happy that you are enjoying yourselves and know that you will share all these memories with Halainah as she grows..we can not wait until you get home. We miss you much!
Love you!
Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Mario

Anonymous said...


So relieved to hear that this bug is passing quickly. You have ALL been running on such high adrenaline....I was worried you would all collapse if you got sick!! Looking forward to sharing the next leg of your journey!

Aunt Ann

Anonymous said...

Good to know Halainah is feeling better - good long night of sleep does wonders - photos are great.

Hope you have a safe trip to next destination.

Love You Guys!

Dad & Joyce

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Hi, glad you posted...I was getting nervous. I look forward to my morning cup of Lainey and you guys as well:)
Glad Halainah is back to her old happy self again..The pics are great..but, I really want to see you all in person NOW..But, until then...Stay safe and ENJOY, ENJOY!!!!
With much Love,
Annmarie, Tommy and the Gang......

Anonymous said...

Glad that Halainah is better and all of you got a good rest. I hope that you have a smooth flight today!I'm so glad that you had such a good guide "Sissy", while you were in Nanchang!

Anonymous said...

Yeaaaaa! Glad that she's feeling better! :)
Argh, my network at work is blocking the pictures for some reason today... Man, I wanted to see all of your smiling faces, because it certainly brightens up my day no matter what's going on to see all of you together and so happy!

Love and continued "good health" vibes,

Anonymous said...

I'm with Annmarie, you were making me nervious. I am glad everyone is feeling better....Bob is feeling better too right? Safe trip today. Love the happy faces can't wait to see them in person.
Love ya, Miss ya.
God Bless you and keep you well.
A. Deb

Jenine said...

Halainah looks like a perfect little doll. Deanna the picture of you kissing her is precious! She looks like she has cheeks you could just shmoosh up! I am thrilled by the fact that i can follow you everyday and see what is going on in your world. thank you for that gift! Your daughter will thank you for this gift someday too:) I hope the next leg of your journey is as fulfilling as this one has been. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

More cute photos - good to know Halainah is back to her happy self and feeling good again.

Hope you transition safely to different hotel and new location.

We are waiting anxiously for you guys to return home - will call you soon.

Be safe - love you!

Dad & Joyce