Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Our daughter Rao Qinyang NKA Halainah Grace Qinyang would like to wish all of her friends and family a very happy New Year. Especially all of the families with whom we shared our most miraculous journey of a lifetime. And to Sissi, our guide in Nanchang and dear friend who will always have a special place in our hearts. We learned while in China that The Chinese New Year is a very important holiday and families gather near and far to celebrate together. We had one guide who told us that it would take him 24 hours of travel to get home to his family. He would take a train, a plane, a taxi, and even a bicycle to his village. He only gets to visit his family once a year and it's on Chinese New Year. We are elated that we were able to share Halainah's special holiday with her in her home rather than in her orphanage. She is truly a gem and our beautiful China doll. Thank you Jiu Jiu for Halainah's awesome hat and thank you Aunt Deb for her traditional Chinese outfit. We dressed up for daddy as a surprise when he came home from his first day back to work since we adopted our angel.

This is Halainah's funny face that mommy taught her. She likes to make this face ALL day long!
Halainah is so beautiful...I can't stop bragging!

Halainah was SOOO excited to see daddy when he came home from work.
They both hugged each other VERY tightly it melted my heart!
Halainah stared at her daddy for a long time to make sure he was really there with her!
Daddy's girl and always will be!


Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Rob O.

Anonymous said...

too cute! love the hat
Hope to see you and the kitty soon!

Robert said...

Lookin Good Noodle Girl!

Amy said...

I was just checking your blog with Naomi on my lap and she really responded to Halainah's picture. Gosh I wonder if they did know each other. Will we ever know???? Nice new look on the blog.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. I love the photos of Daddy and his girl.