Tuesday, January 13, 2009


As told by Jiu Jiu Bobby:
Our China trip is winding down. It is Tuesday evening, Jan 13. Tomorrow we have a final meeting and an oath taking meeting for Dee and Tony. We will all hop on the 8:15 pm train to Hong Kong for a two hour journey, after which I will part ways with Dee, Tony and Halainah since we are staying at seperate hotels. Dee and Tony will hop a plane back to the states at 11:30 on Thursday. My journey will last a little longer. My flight is at 7 pm on Thursday, so I will have the day to check out the sights of Hong Kong. Then, I fly to Taipei, San Francisco and finally back to Denver. I am not sure if Dee and Tony will be able to update the blog tomorrow evening in Hong Kong, so please send out positive thoughts to the universe for our long journey back home.
We have done lots of wandering in the last few days and have seen everything for sale on the streets from clothing to herbs, Jade to tiger paws, monkey skeletons to snake penis wine and everything in between, pretty incredible. China has been a fascinating and enchanting place, and its spirit is forever etched in our hearts. She is a land of contrasts, steeped in tradition, yet full of modern day fervor. We have enjoyed amazing food, warm and curious people, incredible architecture, and tradition abound. I would certainly recomend a trip to China, it is a place every person should visit at least once in their life. I will definitely return.
Halainah responds to her Chinese name Qinyang, yet we have been calling her Lainey Bug, Snowball, Noodle Girl, Chubsy Ubsy, Spicy Girl and Congee Girl. There are even more, as most of you know we are a bit wacky! Halainah has been a joy to be around, and it makes me sad to think that we will part ways tomorrow. I have enjoyed her spirit, and feel forever bonded with her. I will even miss her restlessness, which you will understand completely after you meet her. Halainah is a special little girl, and her uncle is proud to have shared her birth country with her through this miraculous journey. It has truly been a pleasure, and this little girl has melted my heart- can you tell? So, as her blessed parents prepare to bring her half way around the world to meet all of her new family and friends, I will leave you with some things we will and will not miss about China:
We will Miss:

  • Spicy Jiangxi cuisine
  • Sissy- Our treasured Nanchang guide and friend
  • Our new friends Susan, Rob and Lily (The Last Emperor)
  • 1 hour massages for $10 (just me)
  • Kids in 5 layers that look like the Michelin Man
  • Chinglish
  • China!!!!

We will not miss:

  • Pollution
  • The Clothing Police
  • Diaper blowouts in a small hotel room =-o
  • Coffee, Chocolate & ice cream- some of my favorite things that just don't translate in China
  • Snot rockets
  • Neutron conversion
  • The fear of being run over by a car- they just don't stop

I will never complain about being amongst too many people ever again, on any given day wherever in China you may be, there are more people than you can imagine. You have to love a country where you can visit a Buddhist temple, shop among a sea of people for anything under the sun, and eat spicy grilled octopus on a stick all in the same day- priceless!

Zai Jian everyone, we will see you all stateside.

Jiu Jiu


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you guys have to leave such a cool experience, but we're all really excited that you'll be coming back to the good ol' US! I hope that your train ride and flights back go well.... And I hope Deanna's feeling better, too!

Lots of love (as always),

The Godparents said...

Bobby thanks so much for your insight, and that Octopus looks great, you will have to tell us how it tastes. Have a wonderful Journey home and we hope to see you soon... we miss you much!
Deanna, Tony and Lainey bug... be safe coming home, we miss you and can't wait to see you all. Enjoy your last moments in China and hopefully and uneventful trip home. Love you much!
Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Mario

Anonymous said...

Deanna & Tony....
We'll all be headed up the NJ turnpike as soon as you're ready, any day, any time!!!! We can't wait to meet Lainey and to share your joy.
Bob, I'll talk to you when you've recovered from your trip back.

Deanna, hope you're feeling better now...everyone down here in South Jersey has some form of the flu in the last few weeks......
Your blog postings have been incredible...enjoy your journey home!

Love you all,

Aunt Ann & Uncle Klaus

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for you that your trip has ended. I am happy that you will be home soon. We will say many prayers that you have a safe trip home and we can not wait to see your little Laney bug....I have been having Cassy say Laney as Halainah is a bit of a mouthfull for her. She is saying Laney good.
God bless you and keep you safe.
All our Love.
Aunt Deb

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Hi Dee, Tony, Halainah and Bobby,
As always, such a picturesque account of China. Feel like I visited there today. Thanks Bobby.
Anyhow, it is sad that this leg of your journey is over however, the next chapter of your life begins. What beautiful memories you all have..Tony, way back..all the while you thought God's answer was No..while all the while it was a great big YES..to something so profound our simple minds could not fathom. My heart fills with so much joy each and everytime I look at all of you with YOUR most precious little Lainey. Can not wait to see you all!
Daddy was over yesterday and I showed him the new pics of Lainey..he is so in love with her!
I pray for safe travels and a speedy return..
With much Love,
Annmarie, Tommy and the Gang..
PS..There is tons of culture here at Chinatown and in little Chinatown in Brooklyn..So, never fear her birth country is never more than a drive away. Plus,when Serena starts Chinese Schools, I will find out all the events that are hosted so, you can bring Halainah..if you ever want..
They are much fun!!!

I just wanted to say Bye to Bobby..have a safe trip home as well...Thanks for the great informative entries...

The Godparents said...

Sent you a few emails to see what I could do for you before you get home. Check them out if you can, or just give a yell.
Anything you need, we are here

Amy said...

I love this post. I have been home from China for over a month now and I still feel the same, except I miss the things now that I thought I would not like the clothes police and dodging cars. O.K. maybe I don't miss those things but they are all a part of China and that I miss. Enjoy the rest of your trip. And that precious little girl of yours. She is too Cute!!!


Anonymous said...

Have a safe train ride to Hong Kong
and I will talk to you guys later on.--Most of all stay safe.
Love ----Dad

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the train ride and flight! Can not wait until you guys get home! Enjoy the trip and see you soon!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy you all had such a memorable experience in China but I confess I miss you very much.
I will keep you all in my prayers and summon the angels to protect you. See you in a couple.
Love and kisses,

Bonnie said...

What a beautiful post! Halainah is a lucky little girl to have so many that love her. I will be praying for your safe return home.

Anonymous said...

D, please have safe travels on your way back home and I will be praying for traveling mercies.On a side note, I don't know what Bobby does for a living, but he should definitely write. I think he is really good at it on these posts and what not. Hopefully I will get to talk to you next week! -Kate

Anonymous said...

Hope you guys reached HK safely.

Your Dad can't locate the key card for entrance to your car. He has looked all over the place and doesn't find. Can you advise where it may be?

Be safe -- love you!

Dad & Joyce

Billy and Alyssa said...

We miss you sooooo much! can't wait to see you guys this weekend! Have a safe flight home, stay calm! we love you!

Billy and Alyssa