Thursday, February 12, 2009


Waiting 10 years to finally receive our miracle daughter was excruciating. It was always hard to see families with their children while we were out and about. And it was so very difficult to see baby clothes and not be able to buy any except for a gift for someone else. So last week, one of my very favorite boutique's (which I will not reveal :) was having a 20% off sale of summer clothes. Of course I could not help myself to a few things. Well, I started adding the most adorable outfits into my cart and before I knew it...well...there were 13 outfits. Ok so I tried to narrow my choices down but every time I did I thought about how beautiful my China doll would look in them. So I placed the order. Needless to say, when the huge box arrived, Tony thought I was nuts.
So, Halainah wants this post to be dedicated to her daddy. Look daddy, don't I look adorable in every single outfit? How could mommy possibly narrow her choices down? Which one is your favorite daddy?


Amy said...

Darling . . . do tell the name of the boutique . . . please


Robert said...

I can't believe that she let you change her that many times in 1 day. I vote for the pink top/ denim pants and the green tank top/ flower pants- but please send back the bee girl outfit! Just kidding... no I am not. =-)

Natalie said...

Oh man, are you SURE you won't tell the name of the boutique? I think the one with the denim capris is my favorite. (Not that I get a vote ;)) Lauren is in some desperate need of summer clothes. I didn't get to shop the clearance stuff at the end of last summer like I normally do and so I only have 2 dresses and 1 skirt for her this summer! NOT like me at all, LOL!

Aren't little girls so much fun?!?! Girl, I'd love to have you as a shopping partner! We could definitely do some damage together ;) Halainah looks like a doll in her outfits and I'm with Robert, I can't believe she let you change her that many times and you still got smiles! Lauren would probably be done with me after the first two. What a good-natured little thing she is. I'm so glad to see you having so much fun with her. You earned it!

Anonymous said...

Halainah looks just like another little "fashion queen" that I knew when she was a little girl!!
Just take a guess as to who that might be??

Love You....DAD