Sunday, February 22, 2009


This weekend was a little rough for our beautiful China doll. Halainah has been feeling a little under the weather since Friday morning. She started to run a fever and was very congested so Tony and I and Lainey Bug spent the evening inside and was hoping that it was a 24 hour bug. On Saturday morning she was a little cranky and was still running a fever. As first time parents and with our daughters past history unknown we decided to take her to the doctors. Our pediatrician ran some blood tests only because her past medical history is unknown and ruled Halainah's illness as a virus that needs to run its course. By noon she seemed happy and playful so we decided to keep our original plans and go to Staten Island to visit Grandma and Grandpa. We decided to keep our plans because Lainey doesn't get to see her grandparents that often and I wish that we could visit them every weekend so that Lainey Bug can experience the awesome relationship between Grandparents and Grandchildren. She was a little mushy but all in all still a happy baby. We were able to visit with Halainah's Aunts, Uncles and cousins too but only for a little while. But by Saturday evening her fever was up to 103 and she was feeling very blue. Sunday morning rolled around and she seemed to be perking up a little. Her fever was down to 99 and she seemed to be back to her happy self. So we went out with "The Godparents", Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Mario. We had to buy supplies for her Baptism so we went to a really neat restaurant supply warehouse which was way cool. Afterwards, "The Godparents" took Halainah to have her ears pierced. We have wanted to pierce them since we got home but needed to have clearance from Halainah's cardiologist. Halainah was fine at first but got irritated when they marked her ears a bunch of times...we just didn't think the marks were even. She screamed when they were pierced for a few minutes but calmed down on the way back to Aunt Bonnie's house. Halainah was fine for the rest of the day, she played and ate and looked good. But she had a rough evening, crying for two hours straight once we got home. We finally got Lainey Bug to go to sleep so lets hope she sleeps through the night and wakes up to her usual happy self in the morning.

Halainah and Daddy right before her ears were pierced. Notice that she was a happy girl.

Halainah was aggravated that we marked her ears so many times and she certainly did not like the moment when they pierced her ears.

"The Godparents" (Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Mario), Mommy, Daddy and unhappy Halainah.

This is Halainah's certificate for being so brave while she had her ears pierced.

Halainah finally sleeping after a very rough day but her ears look beautiful!


The Godparents said...

Lainey Bug...
Now you are a real "Italian"girl...and those ears are beautiful... Uncle Mario and I love you lots! Feel better and remind Mom... "pajama day" tomorrow.. I only wish I could join you!

Natalie said...

Awwww, I'm sorry she's been under the weather. 'Tis the season, I guess. A nasty cold has been going through this house for a few weeks now. I am just so ready for spring! Hopefully with a lot of rest and TLC, she'll be back to her happy self very soon. It sucks to be trapped inside, but sometimes a few days of "quarantine" is the best way to get well and avoid other bugs flying around out there.

I just knew when I saw the title of your post on my blog that you got her ears pierced! We've been discussing getting Lauren's done. Believe it or not, Shaun is the one who really brought it up. We agreed we wouldn't have it done when she was a baby, but are thinking about it for her 3rd birthday. My only concern about that is that she might fool with them more now that she's older. We may have missed the best opportunity. They look beautiful! Way to go for being so brave, Halainah!

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Thanks are always so sweet:)
You and Lainey look so HAPPY..
I just LOVE seeing you that way:)
May God always bless you all and keep you in his tight grasp..
With Much Love,
PS..her ears look LOVELY!
Earring alway make a girl look so cute! I can not enjoy them as much on Leanna because her hair is way too long..Oh..well..I will look at Lainey's lovely ears..
definitely NOT Celeste's...the site of it still leaves me uneasy..although it is getting better or at least NOT per the doctors

Amy said...

So pretty!!! Ear piercing was one of those things that was just not O.K. to do to your baby. That is what I said before my girl came around. Never say never. I have been thinking about it lately, it is soooo dang cute!!! My husband even asked when we were going to do it :)

Hope your little bug feels better soon.