Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today was Halainah's appointment with the Pediatric Cardiologist. I have been looking forward to this appointment even before we brought Halainah home. Tony and I both knew that she was healthy, that her heart was healthy, but there's nothing better than hearing it from the doctor themselves. So just like we knew and trusted in God...Halainah has a very healthy heart. Her EKG was perfect, her oxygen levels were perfect and the heart murmur cannot be heard. The doctor was stunned that Halainah is considered special needs in China's eyes because in the US she would never be classified as "special needs." The doctor was even more stunned that China diagnosed her with a PFO as he said it is so minor and most of the time it goes undiagnosed. We hit the jackpot in more ways than one. 1 in every 4 babies are born with a PFO (patent foramen ovale). It is a defect that exists at birth and is an abnormality, not a disease. The septum between the two atrium of the heart developed normally before birth but the flap did not seal completely after birth. It's possible that the flap did close, and it's possible that it didn't. Regardless there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Halainah has been released from the cardiologists care for 2 years. They told us to bring her back when she is 3 1/2 and they will do some extensive testing that she will need to be sedated for. He said these tests are for our peace of mind not because they are necessary. They do not want to perform these tests now because the doctor said it is insignificant. "Halainah's heart is completely healthy" was the doctor's exact words. Thank you to everyone that has prayed for Halainah's health. She is an energetic, spunky, inquisitive, smart, determined, beautiful 15 month old that has brought so much happiness to our lives. I pray that Halainah knows deep within her heart how much her family loves her. Thank you lord for uniting us with our daughter and thank you for healing her heart.


Billy and Alyssa said...


We are so excited! That's awesome news! CONGRATS!

We love you, see you guys next week!

Love, Billy and Alyssa

Natalie said...

Thank God for such wonderful news!!! I'm sure she feels that love deep in her heart, you can see it all over her pretty little face. God bless!

Amy said...

NICE!!! That is such great news. Love it.