Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Halainah's cousins Norman and Cassandra gave this rocking cow to her before she came home. For some reason I haven't introduced it to Halainah until today. Well let me tell you this China doll LOVED it. She had so much fun and her laugh made my day.

I cannot take credit for the next few pictures. Tony had fun with Photoshop today.


A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Hey Dee,
I love this blog thingie...gettin to say a little Hi everyday...
The site looks great!..We have photoshop too...I just AM NOT crazy about using it..I prefer the free softwares out there..kinda silly after you spend all THAT money on it:(
Tony did a great job...
She looks sooo happy..
do not have much time this mornin..gotta get up and at em'
Tons of Love,

Robert said...

Hey Guys:
Thanks for updating the post so much, it is nice to see Lainey with new pics- she is growing so quickly. I miss her so much! Anyway, when people ask- Tell them that she is Jiu Jiu's niece, so there is no telling how far she will go! HAHA. You can also say, "Yes, she is beautiful, and she can convert neutrons!
Jiu Jiu