Sunday, February 8, 2009


During the 2 years that Tony and I waited for God to pick our special daughter for us, Tony and I discussed many things. You know the usual stuff, no dating until she's 18, no makeup until 16, no fast food, plenty of outdoor activities and so on. One of Tony's "must do" is that he feels that every little girl needs to wear a beautiful dress to church. And when I thought back to when I was a mom believed the same thing. I think she liked dressing me up like a doll but what mother doesn't like to do that? I remember the famous banana curls she would put in my hair. She would wrap my hair around a pencil and use a little hair spray. They had to be perfect. The above picture of Halainah is dedicated to my mom. She would have been so proud of her granddaughter. May she always dance in heaven and wrap us all in her love that she's sending down to us. I feel her presence everyday and I miss her every second of every day. I know that one day we will hold each other again and have one of our famous 6 hour chit chats! I love you mom!

I just wanted to add a few things to my "comments...not so cute anymore" post. Tony and I actually laugh when we are approached with the "beautiful" comments. Maybe it's because we know she's beautiful (sorry for bragging). I sort of think that people just don't know what to they say the obvious..."your daughter is so beautiful." It's just exhausting when you hear it 27 times in one day and your to-do list is 2 pages long, front and back. And I am just tired of saying the usual "thank you." I am looking for that magic saying that just rolls off my tongue. I do like Kate's comment...say "thank you she takes after my side of the family." That will bring some laughter to an ordinary day. And Christy's game plan that she allows Lily to answer the questions. Halainah is already sassy, I can only imagine what her little mind will think up when she gets older. And Annmarie's comment about inner beauty is good too.

We have already met 2 families that have been thinking about adopting but just haven't started the process yet. Hopefully we inspired them to take the big leap and embark on the amazing journey of adoption. In fact it's so amazing and such a part of Tony and I that we want to start the process all over again...very soon. I have no idea financially how we will be able to accomplish this. But we will leave it in God's hands just like we did with Halainah. Dear God, please show us the same grace that you showed us on Halainah's journey and guide us to what you already wrote in our book. Amen

Tony and I met the sweetest man at church this morning. He recently celebrated his 60 year anniversary and he got married in our Church. His uncle built the dome in the church which is absolutely amazing. I can't explain it but this man had this glow in his full of life...such a warmth about his presence. Halainah smiled the biggest smile for him and too felt comfort in his presence. He of course approached us because of Halainah's beauty and I am glad he did.


A little piece of 7th heaven said...

HI Dee,
I agree with you on the dress thing...when Antoinette and Celeste were little that was all I allowed them to wear to it is not SO easy as my 'babes' are all grown up..luckily I have two more to dress up as little dolls:)
Truly Dee,
Enjoy it now because in a blink of an eye it is the, I am a sappy mess...maybe it is Celeste's cartilege you believe I let her get it???
I can not tell you that being stopped will get any will just become a way of life..Lord knows after so many years of it..I just grew to accept and so will YOU...I promise:)
anyhow..I know thank you does not seem enough..but, I guess that is all we have!:)
if you come up with some great comeback..I would love to hear it..
Enjoy...she looks beautiful in her Sunday dress..and I LOVE the effects with the first pic...
Got a ton of things I need to do..I have LeeLee hangin out in my lap..poor
Lots of love...and give my sweetness a kiss from gugu..

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. Being so far away it help us feel more conected to all of you. I look everyday to check if you have new pic posted, it has become something I look forward to everyday!