Monday, April 6, 2009


I don't have a big fancy post with lots of pictures this evening. I am just a little depressed today so this is going to be short but intense.

Tony and I are asked all the time why we chose China. There's hundreds of reasons but the main reason is simply: that is where our daughters are! We receive negative comments often about the Chinese citizens and why they abandon their daughters. I don't even want to repeat the filth. Halainah's birth parents loved her enough to give her life. And I often think of them and wish there was some way that I could tell them how much Halainah is loved, that I could tell them thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Tony and I will honor Halainah's birth parents by showering her with an abundant amount of love.

We wish that we could adopt many more Chinese orphans. It's not a matter of love because we have more than enough love to share with dozens of children. Sadly it's the expenses. But we will somehow make it happen once again and we will travel to China soon to bring home Halainah's Mei Mei (little sister). Tony and I pray that we will receive the same emotional loving support from family and friends that we did with Halainah, so that we have enough energy to get through the mounds of paperwork once again.

Please watch this video. At the end, you will know without a shadow of a doubt why we chose China...because...that is where our daughters are!


Natalie said...

I really don't understand the comments. First of all, does it even really matter why these children are abandoned, at least as it relates to one's reason for adopting them? Why would it? Are children abandoned for "better" reasons more worthy of adoption than those for worse ones? Seriously? These babies need loving homes. That's really all I see that's important.

Second of all, I wonder if these same people who say these things contemplate the fact that, in THIS country, 4,000 innocent babies are murdered and thrown into the garbage every single day. We have our own sins to answer for.

I wish we could adopt. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we may not be able to have anymore children of our own. Although, I've felt the tug of adoption on my heart long before now. Maybe some day, we will have to see.

I am thrilled you will be going back to adopt again. Hearing your stories and seeing your pictures is a testament to the kind of love every child needs, no matter where they are from.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't watch more than the first couple of minutes...the tears blurred my eyes too much.

God bless you, God bless the birth parents and God bless the children.