Thursday, April 16, 2009


Life is way too short...take time to stop and smell the flowers.

The past few days have been exhausting, physically but more so mentally. I could write a novel about the events that have unfolded with my father in law these past few days. But I don't feel compelled to do so. I will leave out the details for my father in laws privacy. What needs to be known is that his Cancer is further along than any of us has suspected. He has a tough road ahead of him and he needs all the prayers he can get. I know I sound repetitive but please pray for him for physical strength to get through the tough road ahead of him, for mental strength to be able to emotionally handle all of the changes his body is and will go through and for a miracle that his Cancer will go into remission with the expertise from his doctors. He has 6 grandchildren and 1 lil' peanut on the way. His grandchildren need him, we need him.

And please pray for my mother in law because she also has a tough road ahead of her. It takes a lot of strength, a lot of mental strength to be able to care for a cancer patient. I personally looked at my father in a whole different light when he took care of my mother. His strength was greater than anyone I have ever known. I ran...I was afraid to see my mother deteriorate. I ran and hid from her Cancer. I will never forgive myself for that. I should have been able to take care of my mother, I should have been able to face it head on. And my father did everything in his power to care for my mother. I could write a novel about all of the things a husband or wife should not have to witness with a spouse's illness. Yet my father was a hero. He was certainly a hero. My mother in law now needs to be that hero, caring for my father in law. I pray that she is able to walk this road, mentally and physically. And I personally will do anything I need to in order to be there for her.

On a side note, it was really wonderful to spend the night at grandma's house. It is something that we have never done before. Although I wish it were under different circumstances, I am so glad that we made the decision. And with the day being one of the longest days of my life it was nice to start it taking our time in the morning. Halainah has grown very attached to Grandma and it melts my heart to witness.

On a funny note, Halainah says "sponge bob." It is really cute. During one of the long waits with one of my father in laws procedure I read Halainah a sponge bob book. I said to her, "say sponge bob." And I was shocked that she did. Tony didn't believe me but laughed when she said it for him. Now we ask her to say it a hundred times in a day. Yeah she doesn't like that too much.

Halainah and I took time today to stop and smell the flowers. I certainly am going to savor every moment.

Halainah looking beautiful in front of our weeping cherry tree!
She didn't like the dirt on her hands!
Aunt Deb...does my outfit look familiar?
Smelling the flowers on the cherry tree...she always makes that funny face when she smells something!
Halainah's skin looks so beautiful thanks to Jiu Jiu's special skin cream that he sent!
Halainah collected sticks in the garden and put them in her cute!
Looking beautiful even with dirty knees!
We are so happy that our fish family has survived the cold winter in our pond!


DEBORAH said...

Perfect Outfit for a china doll. Halainah looks wonderful in all of the outfits. I like the pink one from last week too. That was one of Cassy's as well.