Wednesday, April 8, 2009


While shopping this weekend Tony and I stumbled into the cutest little children's boutique in the mall called Janie and Jack. We could tell from the outside of the store that it was fancy and probably very expensive but I wanted to take a peek. And as I have said before, Tony likes to shop for his little girl as well (which I love...who wouldn't?) so he didn't mind. In the front of the shop was the most beautiful Easter dresses and spring outfits. I reached for one that caught my eye and glanced at the price...$168.00. Tony said, "um let's just leave now." But I looked at the back of the store and saw the sale racks. And I am a sucker for the sale racks so off to the back of the store I went. The first rack had spring stuff on it that were only reduced a little bit. In fact there was one dress that was on clearance for $192.00...yikes. But than I saw the winter clearance rack. Oh I found the cutest stuff. And honestly the quality is nicer than anything that I have bought for Halainah thus far. You can really tell how well made these clothes are. I picked a bunch of things that I liked and Tony picked a few as well. When I got to the register I was pleasantly surprised when the cashier told me that all winter clothes were an additional 20% off. Wow what a great bargain. Now Halainah has a great start on her winter wardrobe. I just hope I guessed the right size for next year. Just for fun, when we got home, I added up all the original prices of the items we purchased. Are you ready for this? The total was $398.00. Now who on earth would pay that much for a few items? Well my grand total was $68.00. And this is what we bought for our beautiful daughter:

Such a beautiful set...a sweater jumper dress with the sweater overcoat to beautiful!

This is a wool blend lined shawl type jacket. The onesie next to it has the most delicate flowers embroidered on the sweet.
Both of these cardigan sweaters are so soft...almost like cashmere.
This is a beautiful sweater dress with a sweet bow around the waist.
Tony bought this zebra for Lainey... because she loved it and daddy is a sucker...and it is the cutest, floppiest, cuddliest stuffed animal we have ever came from Baby Gap.
Lainey and her new toy lap top. We bought this in hopes that she would leave ours didn't work!
Halainah's new funny face!
Lainey's funny face that I taught her in China...she's still doing it!
I walked into the living room to find that Halainah got into the DVD cabinet. She didn't know i was standing behind her.
So I yelled...HALAINAH GRACE! I think I scared her!


Angie Vinez said...

I *heart* Janie & Jack.... well, their sales racks, anyway! I first found them a couple of years ago when I did a photoshoot inside a store. Walking into Janie and Jack everyday for a week did not do good things for my wallet - especially since I was pregnant with Lucy! ;)

Halainah is just gorgeous, and the outfits you found are just perfect!!

Natalie said...

Janie and Jack has some ADORABLE stuff. I've only ever bought one thing from them, a darling little short-sleeved crochet cardigan that was SOOO soft. I can't seem to find the darn tub of her summer stuff from last year and I think it might still fit Lauren this year. (Actually, several things might and I need to find it!) I need to watch their sales more often. You got some darling stuff! (Is there ever any doubt? LOL!)

You might want to check out Gymboree, too. I'm looking online right now and they do have some REALLY cute things on sale. I'm looking at a cute little summer dress right now that's only $9.99. Plus, you get more options because you can get Halainah's size in both the newborn and baby girl sections. I'm not a Gymboree addict, but I do buy stuff from them occasionally...always on sale, though. I LOVE their leggings. And, right now you can earn Gymbucks until April 12th.

Happy shopping! ;)