Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have no idea what happened!  But my blog is missing all photos that I have uploaded since the beginning of time except for my most recent post below. We have posted the problem to blogger but are still awaiting a response.  If my blog cannot be fixed and all of those pictures are gone forever, well I think I am going to shut down Halainah's blog.  It takes a lot of time to post and add pictures.  I cannot even express the amount of time lost.  It just wouldn't be worth it to me to continue.  Perhaps someone out there in blog world has encountered the same problem and could help us out, I would so appreciate it!


Natalie said...

Well, I sure hope it's not the end of your blogging days! :( I still love to read about Halainah and see her adorable pictures. I love that I can already see how much she's grown in the love of her new family. I'd miss that.

How do you upload your pictures? Do you do it through Blogger? It could just be a glitch. Although, I've checked some of my past posts and my pictures are still showing up. I'd wait a few days and see if it gets straightened out. You can also check the HTML code of one of your posts where the pictures aren't showing up and see if anything is wrong with the code. There have been a few times when I made changes to my blog where, for some reason unknown to me, Blogger automatically changed the code of the thing I added so that it didn't work.

I sure hope it gets worked out!

Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

We upload our pictures through blogger. Each picture gets a unique HTML link. If you click on any of the blank pictures, a new window will open, with the link in the address bar, but the image is blank. There is something obviously wrong with the system and how it stored our pictures.

There is no one available through blogger. Worst thing to ever happen was for blogger to be purchased by Google. You can never talk to anyone live at Google, and they have adopted the same practice with Blogger.

All I can do is post my issue over at a help forum. And so far no on has looked to help.