Monday, April 27, 2009


Random thoughts:

1. My daughter needs breaks my heart that one day very soon I will not be able to spend my days with her.
2. Where will I even look...what will I ever find?
3. Warm weather arrived...a little too warm.
4. Weekends are too short to accomplish everything that needs to be done.
5. Why is it that there is never any milk in the house when I am always buying it?
6. I miss my mom!
7. I never got a chance to share mother daughter weekends at the lake with my daughter and my mom.
8. I don't want Halainah to lose another grandparent.
9. Cancer sucks!
10. This economy sucks!
11. Route 23 construction sucks!
12. Who the hell needs a 7-11!
13. I wish my brother lived closer!
14. I wish I had the financial means to adopt again and again and again!
15. Thank God for Family!
16. Halainah is walking all the time!
17. I miss my old co-workers!
18. I love my daughter!
19. I love the way my husband loves my daughter!
20. I love the way Lainey's godparents and our family loves my daughter!
21. A beautiful sunny day, a baby pool, and 1 beautiful China doll = forgetting about random thoughts at least for the weekend!

Ok...done rambling for now. Although I have a ton on my mind, I will spare all of you.

Trying to stay cool in my own little house
Yeah I'm cool...I know it!

Going out to grab a hamburger cause it was that kind of day!
Outside in the garden...
having fun playing in the dirt...
Yuck, dirt tastes horrible!
Playing in the pool for the first time...she likes it...hence her saying, "o00000hhhh"
Just chillin' with my shades!
Ice pop time, what a mess!
I'm so cute, even with drool spilling out of my mouth!
We call Lainey Frankenstein when she you really need to ask me why!


Amy said...

LOVE the pink bandanna.

Sorry you are struggling with going back to work. It is hard, I have struggled with it for 9 years. Have you thought about watching someone else's baby? So you can be with yours also? Sure you have, I think that is what I am going to do for a while.


Anonymous said...

these are my fav pics so far! love the eating dirt!, she loves to try new things!everything seems to go in her mouth! hahaha. I can't wait to meet her, I miss her even though we haven't even met, I feel I know her already thanks you sending these pictures and you keeping up with the blog. Thank you so much! I know it takes alot of time, I'm very greatful that you do it.I check it every day, at school, while doing homework,I show all my classmates when we are studing how beautiful our little monkey is! Even though we are far away it feels that we are close! I hope me meet my cute little monkey this summer! (in May, a special trip just to spend time with the monkey girl!
Aunt Crystal