Friday, April 10, 2009


Halainah received a package today from her favorite Jiu Jiu and Crystal. They sent her some Easter goodies and she loved them all. Halainah has a VERY special bond with Jiu Jiu. He has been with her from the very beginning. Jiu Jiu (my brother) traveled all the way to China with us and experienced our family becoming whole. Halainah loved Jiu Jiu the moment she saw him. Jiu Jiu trimmed her nails after we gave her a bath on Gotcha day and she stared at him the entire time. Halainah laughed with Jiu Jiu, played with Jiu Jiu, was carried by Jiu Jiu in her Baby Bjorn and she simply fell in love with him. When we parted ways in Hong Kong as we were headed to New Jersey and Jiu Jiu was headed to Colorado it was so very sad. We would miss him terribly. But our hearts ached for Halainah because we knew how close their bond was. Jiu Jiu returned to New Jersey for Halainah's Baptism in March. He was so nervous that Halainah would not remember him. When we picked him up from the airport he peeked his head in the car and said hello to Halianah. She gave him a blank stare. Jiu Jiu said in a very sad voice, "she doesn't remember me!" He got into the car and sat in the back with Halainah. I think she needed a minute to believe that Jiu Jiu was really there. Once she remembered she wanted to hold his hand and she kept laughing and smiling. He stayed with us for the weekend and Halainah was all over her Jiu Jiu. When she was playing with him, she would randomly stop and hug him and kiss him. When he was holding her she would randomly hug him and kiss him. And she preferred to be in her Jiu Jiu's arms the majority of the time. Halainah LOVES her Jiu Jiu.

Thank you Jiu Jiu for my Easter goodies! I love you!

*This post has been modified to include Crystal...Mama is a little crazy and didn't read the yellow sticky until now. Sorry Crystal :)
Love you,

Halainah excited about her Easter goodies from Jiu Jiu!

Our princess loves books, even the photo album that Jiu Jiu sent her!
She LOVED her monkey... it's a special monkey that she can take in the bath with her!
Halainah being silly with the box top on her head!
She loved the ballerina's on her photo albums...she was pointing at them!
She sat and played for a while!
Is this really for me? From my Jiu Jiu?
Halainah giving her monkey a kiss!
Laughing at her monkey because it makes monkey noises!
Just being cute with her monkey!
Halainah's new funny face...again...well it's actually a silly face!
Halainah staring at her daddy!
I love Halainah's little feet...I stare at them all the time!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter!!! So happy to hear that Tony's Dad was strong enough to go home!!! such good news! The pictures are always great, and as always, wish we lived closer to you guys! When the weather warms up and life becomes a little smoother maybe you can still take a ride down one weekend ... we'd love that!! Have a great holiday,
Aunt Ann & Uncle Klaus