Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Today was a family day. Tony called Lainey and I at 9:30 this morning (silly daddy don't you know that Lainey doesn't get up until 10:30 or 11:00). He wanted to know if we would come to his work so we could go out to lunch together. Since I just woke up (everyone who really knows me, knows that I am NOT a morning person) I told him we couldn't because I needed to clean the house. But then I felt terrible that I said NO so I called him back and told him we would be there and the cleaning could wait. It's more important to spend quality time as a family than to have a clean house (well until I can't focus anymore because of the clutter). We had a great time and daddy had more fun showing Halainah off to all of his co-workers. Tony told me later that when he got to work this morning he watched the video I posted. He said that he just needed to be with his daughter today.

Once Tony got home we went to Aunt Bonnie's for dinner. Aunt Bonnie cooks dinner for us every Tuesday night. It's a tradition now. After dinner we always watch American Idol. Halainah loves visiting with Aunt Bonnie, Uncle Mario, and CJ. She lights up as soon as we get to their front door. She has a very close bond with them and I absolutely LOVE seeing the joy on Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Mario's faces when they play with her. We usually laugh the whole night long. And it is so stinkin adorable when Halainah dances and sings to American Idol. Uncle Mario was in Italy for the last two weeks, and Halainah sure did miss him. We heard all about his trip and saw pictures. I would love to go to Italy one day. But the best part was the delicious cookies and candy that Uncle Mario brought back...YUMMY! Nope, the best part was being all together for family day.

Halainah in another new bathing suit!
Daddy picked this one special...We are getting ready for our vacation this summer!

Halainah loves her bunny stuffed animal...she hates dolls but at least she likes her stuffed animals!
Lainey giving her bunny a hug!
Giving her bunny a kiss!
She is so affectionate!
Lainey talking to her bunny!
Lainey in her cute outfit from Gymboree!
So happy!
So serious!
Check out the matching Alligator on her bum!
Halainah playing with her bestest buddy, cousin CJ!
They are so cute together!
Halainah just spotted Uncle Mario!


Anonymous said...

So adorable!!!

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Hey Dee,
I love how happy she looks with CJ..so genuinely in LOVE..
isn't the love kids share truly amazing..and heartwarming..
love the outfit...
you could dress her in a potato sack and she would look adorable..she makes the clothes..not the other way around:)
With much love,