Monday, April 13, 2009


Well another weekend has come and gone. Time is passing way too quickly for me. Tony and I picked up our pictures that we developed this weekend and we cannot believe how much Halainah has grown in the 3 months since we have been home. I am trying to capture every second of Halainah's life so I can treasure them forever.

We spent Saturday running errands and getting ready for Easter. For some reason it took me 6 hours to bake a carrot cake and Italian layer cookies. Well it doesn't help that I messed up the carrot cake 3 times. And I was determined to bring it to my mother in laws house for Easter. I was finally done baking at 2:00 in the morning.

Easter Sunday was beautiful. Halainah awoke to her Easter treats left by the Easter Bunny. She is still a little young to understand but it was fun to watch her anyway. We attended Sunday service at our church which was wonderful. And went to my mother-in-laws for Easter dinner.

My father in law is currently going downhill it seems. He was not feeling well at all on Sunday but we were grateful to be able to spend the day with him. I went to Staten Island today, Monday to support my mother in law. She is emotionally drained so please pray for her. My father in law was supposed to have a port put in so that they can administer Chemo easier to him. Long story but he was not strong enough for the port so they put in a temporary port in his arm. It will have to do for now as he is starting Chemo on Wednesday. Tony, Halainah and I are heading to Grandma's for a sleepover tomorrow night. We need to take my father in law to the clinic early on Wednesday morning and it just makes things easier to sleepover. I am excited for Halainah to have a sleepover at Grandma's. And I also feel that we need to cherish every moment with Grandpa right now. And Grandma needs us now more than ever as well.

Things are going to be a bit crazy in the next few days so I can't promise that blogging will be on top of my list.

Enjoy the pics. from this weekend.

It was pouring out on Saturday so Lainey wore her Ladybug raincoat that Jenine bought her!
It was a little big for her!

But she looked so darn cute!
Halainah found her Easter treats from the Easter bunny!
Out of all the toys she liked the Elmo book the best...she LOVES books!
Still playing with the book!
She is still not too sure if she likes dolls...but I am determined so I asked the Easter bunny to bring one that looks like her!
Mommy and Lainey at Church!
I love my China doll!
And Lainey loves Mommy too!
Halainah looking at her daddy!
Mommy and Lainey in Church!
While we were taking pictures in church this votive one was standing near it!
Halainah in Church!
Daddy and his princess!
What a beauty!
Grandpa and Halainah in their PJ's!


Dawn said...

I swear she just keeps getting cuter!