Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No luck

It's been a long road, and it appears as though this is the end. I have tried my hardest to contact someone at Blogger. But with Google buying Blogger, all contact with Blogger has been removed. This is Google's MO. They do not allow contact with the staff. Instead they offer a help forum which is for all intents and purposes is useless. They claim that staff members do peruse the forums and help out. In all my dealings with Google, this has never happened, and I do not expect any help from Blogger.

This is a huge lesson for me, and I am ashamed to say that as an IT professional, I never backed up the blog, or hosted our pictures on our own.

I could begin a painstakingly long process of clicking on each blank photo in the blog, and recording the image name and make a map of which images went with which dated post.

Then upload the photos to photobucket and then re-upload to the blog. This way, the photos would be hosted off site and I would have better control.

I feel so bad for Deanna who has spent much time in front of our computer posting updates of our Lainey bug. She really is quite depressed over this whole thing. And I am just furious with Blogger for not allowing contact.

I can not believe they would not have a backup of their own. After all, they can restore lost blogs!

I really do not want this little joy for Deanna to end. So I think I will begin to map the photos and replace the images.

Wish me luck, and above all, PATIENCE :)


Anonymous said...

How awful. My heart goes out to you.

Good luck and MUCH patience. I would hate to not see your sweet baby girl growing up!

Natalie said...

That just plain sucks. I wish I could be of some help. I'll check with my friend Angie and see if she has any ideas.

From now on, I would just upload the photos to Photobucket and use the HTML code they give you to put in your posts. It may take a bit longer, but worth it for your photos not to disappear.

(((HUGS))) to you both! I'm sorry this has been such an aggravation. But I'd hate to see you give up the blog completely.

Angie Vinez said...

I had a problem just with the image I tried to use today for Wordless Wednesday. I haven't had any problems with old images disappearing, though.

I HATE that you cannot contact blogger for support. It is ridiculous.

I agree with Nat, though. It's best to just use your own html code to insert the pictures in. That way, the photos don't get removed until you remove them from photobucket or wherever they're hosted.

If you need my help with anything, please let me know. I spend way too much time working with blogger, and I'd be happy to look and see if I can figure out what's going on.

Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

Thanks Angie.
I appreciate your help.
This whole blogger issue stinks. I have already imported our Blog into Wordpress, and when I ran into an issue there, I was thrilled to know that there was support I could actually email. And I received a reply within 30 minutes! So I do believe I will be rebuilding the blog in Wordpress.