Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My heart is full...for this child is my world.

We had a great weekend full of family time. On Friday, we took my father out for dinner to a Brazilian grill. We haven't gone out to dinner with my father in a really long time. So it was a really nice evening. Halainah wore a pretty dress for her Opa. Our waiter was in love with Halainah and I loved the way he said her name with his accent. We were joking with each other saying, "oh he's really working his tip." He must have told us that Halainah is so cute a bazillion times but hey we are used to it by now so no complaints there.

Halainah washing up for Opa's birthday dinner playing with her monkey bath buddy from Jiu Jiu and Crystal!
She loves that darn monkey!

Halainah dressed all pretty for Opa!

Playing Peek A Boo with daddy!
Daddy taking some good shots of our China Doll!

On Saturday, our little family of 3 set outside to enjoy the 80 degree weather. We opened our fish pond which consisted of draining it, scraping all of the algae off of the sides and trying to remove as many leaves and junk off of the bottom of the pond. We noticed that our little fish family is now a rather large fish family. I guess during a long winter little fishies need to have fun too!

Halainah had a lot of fun with 2 rocks. Who would have known that 2 rocks could keep a 16 month old happy for 2 hours. But she started to grow restless after a little while so we took her to Toys R Us and bought her a new toy. It is an outside play sink that has a real running faucet. It also came with a bunch of play water toys and of course we bought some more to go with it. Well, Lainey had the time of her life. She kept saying, "ooohhhhhhh" while she was playing. WAY TOO CUTE! So we were able to get a few things done in the garden but we still have a long way to go.

That bright orange thing is the coolest invention. On one end is an ice pop holder, on the other is an ice cream cone holder. And all of the drippings go inside.
Halainah licking her lips...the ice pop must have been good!
Halainah saying, "Oooohhhhh" when she saw her new toy!
But still stopping to eat her ice pop!
She played for hours!

Still saying, "Oooohhhhh"
On Sunday, we went to church which was fabulous. And afterwards we went to Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Mario's for Easter dinner. It was so wonderful to spend time with family. I feel like for some reason I haven't seen them in forever. We have been traveling to Staten Island every weekend to get in as much Grandpa time as possible so it's been hard to see the other half of our family. It was beautiful outside and Halainah had the time of her life playing with her cousins. I love watching my daughter interact with family. I love the fact that she will go to anyone and let her little spunky personality shine. She makes us laugh constantly.

Halainah looked so beautiful in her special Easter dress from her Godmother, Aunt Bonnie!
Smelling a weed, I mean a flower!

Laughing at daddy!
Mommy and Daddy love this picture. Halainah is looking at Jesus on the cross!
Trampoline fun with her cousins, Norman and CJ!
Stop talking to me daddy, I am having fun right now!
Happy Girl!
Playing with the ball on the trampoline!
Playing with Uncle Mario and CJ!
Come on, Let's Jump!


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