Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Halainah and I went out to lunch today with Opa. We had a great time as usual. Lainey lights up when she sees her Opa and right away she puts her hands up for Opa to pick her up. He brought a whole bunch of stuffed animals over for her today. She loves stuffed animals but still hates baby dolls. Funny since her referral paperwork said her favorite toy was a baby doll. But then again it also said that she loved baths and hates strangers. Which was and is the complete opposite of her. If you followed our journey in China you will remember that we had one heck of a time with baths. She HATED the bath...thank goodness she loves them now. And she was never afraid of strangers and is now the biggest ham when we are out. Her favorite word now is "hi". So while out at lunch and running a few errands today she waved to everyone she saw and said "hi" a million times...such a cutie!

Daddy, Halainah and I watched American Idol's results show this evening. Last night we went to Aunt Bonnie's for our usual Tuesday dinner. She had a blast as usual. She laughed and laughed the entire evening. Uncle Mario played with her for hours. Once we got home we had a heck of a time winding her down...but that's ok. We love to see her so happy. During the results show tonight Halainah danced and clapped and sang. She is just way too funny to watch. She was destined to be in this family in so many ways. And she already loves American Idol. Uncle Mario, Aunt Bonnie, daddy and mama joke and call her Chi-talian. She is definitely growing fond of all of our Italian traditions. And she most certainly loved Aunt Bonnie's FettuciniAlfredo.

Lainey and her typical smile
waving at Opa and saying "hi"
Lainey still waving with all of her stuffed animals in the background
Halainah and Opa are always smiling when they are's pure LOVE
Lainey at the front door...she is always ready to go out...that's my girl
Come on Mama...let's go already
Lainey saying..."oooohhhhh"
She loves balls...can't wait to play on the beach with a beach ball
Silly girl...talking to grandma on the phone (banana)
Lainey got so excited when American Idol came on...she began to dance
And she danced some more!


Amy said...

She is a cutie.

Someday, somehow we have got to meet. We have lots in common and Naomi still loves seeing Lainey's picture. I believe that they must have been friends in China. Maybe sometime we can meet in the middle.


Anonymous said...

How could she not fit in? She is crazy. just like the rest of us!!!!!!