Wednesday, April 1, 2009


While out and about, Halainah always draws attention. Most of the time it's more attention than Mommy wants but I'm getting much better at it. Anyway, she is either complimented on her beauty, her personality, her hair accessories, her outfits or her shoes (dressing up little girls is so much fun). If you go to my post back in January Shoes To Conquer The World, I posted about the awesome squeaky shoes that I went crazy for in China. I have enough shoes for Halainah to last me until she's 8 or so. But I have been asked a million times where I bought her shoes and my answer always is, "in won't find cute cheap, genuine leather shoes like that here in the states!" Well one of my adoptive mommy friends shared a website with me that has an amazing selection of girls and boys shoes, including the infamous squeaky shoes. Ok so you won't be able to buy them for $3.00 to $4.50 like I did but this website has the cheapest prices that I have seen them for here. So check out YaYa Shoes, their prices are very reasonable and the best part is that they offer free shipping. Plus, there is a sale section, that's where I looked first. I found at least 5 pairs that I already bought in China.

Or, you can always give me your order and I will fill it when we go back to China for Halainah's Mei Mei (little sister). That's right I said "when we go back" not "if we go back". Hmmmm how long will it be? I guess you will just have to keep following our blog to see.

Anywho, Halainah and I spent Tuesday afternoon outside. Wow what a gorgeous day! I took her walker outside, since that is the only way she can walk for now. She loved it. I stood in front of her and she laughed and laughed and walked faster and faster. It looked like she was having the best time in the world. She is just too darn cute.

Here are some pics. of the day:

Halainah has to touch EVERYTHING outside...she's so curious and doesn't miss a thing!
Hmmmm should I walk or just look around!
What's this I found?
I have never seen a weed before!
I wonder if it tastes good! Yes, she put it in her mouth...but I yelled NO and she dropped it!
I think I'll go for a stroll!
Nope, I think I'll run and chase Mama!
Now, let me see what else I can find and perhaps eat!


Dawn said...

What a DOLl!!

Amy said...

That YaYa shoe site could be trouble for me. Your Rao girl is such a cutie. When????? Soon??? can't wait to see your family grow again.


Anonymous said...

She loves to eat!, Robert told me she got into the cat food the other day!