Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Testing image. This is what the size and format looks like. Hopefully this solves the problem.


Amy said...

Oh No!! I hope this gets figured out. So much work can not be lost. Please don't go, I would be so sad.


Cheryl Anderson said...

Deanna, I wrote comments to you while you were in China, but Robert said you never got them. I asked him for your email address and mailing address as the ones I have are old, but he hasn't gotten back to me with them. If you want to email me with them that would be great -
I am so happy for your new daughter. I hope you can get to Colorado sometime so we can meet her. Crystal is busy with school, and I am working two extra days a week, so I haven't seen her in almost two months. I hope to get there some time soon. It is hard to coordinate days with her school schedule. Take care. I tried logging on and being a blogger user; but evidently don't have the knack, so I am just sending this another way.