Monday, February 2, 2009


On Saturday we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house to spend some quality time and to celebrate daddy's (Tony's birthday). This year instead of being sad on our birthdays because we are another year older and still childless, we were so elated to be celebrating with our Lainey Bug. So we headed to Grandma's a few hours early so that Grandma and Grandpa could spend some alone time with their new granddaughter. Halainah was so playful and happy to be there. It was the first time that they could see her true personality. Halainah is going to have a special bond with her grandparents because it's so important to me. I had a tremendous bond with my Oma (Grandma in German) that I want my daughter to know the same thing. I want her to experience walks, trips to the mall or park or zoo, sleepovers, baking, doing craft projects and so on. There's a special bond between a Grandma and her Granddaughter.

Later on, the rest of the family arrived, Aunt Chris, Uncle Joe, GuGu Annmarie, GuFu Tommy, and cousins Celeste, Antoinette, TJ, Serena, and Leanna. We ate dinner...thanks Grandma for making a yummy dinner. And played a while with all the kids. It was so sweet to see all of the cousins taking Halainah under their wings. And Halainah was especially fond of TJ, it was so cute to see.

Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Joe changed Lainey into her PJ's and it was time to say goodnight.
Halainah reached out for Grandpa to hug him goodbye and went around the room and gave hugs and kisses to everyone else. I am looking forward to another great family get together. I love watching Lainey be so outgoing and loving with her new family.

Grandma, cousin Antoinette and Halainah

Cousins forever: Celeste, TJ, Leanna and Halainah
Cousins for Always: TJ, Chef Serena and Halainah
The Godfather (Uncle Mario) said no more naked pictures... so what's the next best thing...a bathing suit. And Halainah is sporting her new walking shoes that Aunt Bonnie took Halainah to get on Saturday morning. No more tippy toes...nope she's going to be walking a marathon soon with her new shoes!

Don't I look good in my bathing suit? Too bad it's not going to fit in the summer.

Sitting in a box is so much fun!

Yeah fun for about 1.5 seconds!

Get me out of here!

Don't you think you tortured me enough?

Fast asleep...thank goodness I'm out of that darn box!

I just love those lips!


A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Great pics Dee!
You got one of my mom looking at the camera..that is a rarity..
Happy Birthday to both of you guys..May it be one of your happiest with many, many, many, many, (aww, you get the idea) more to follow!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see her! I'm dying over here!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to you. IT happened again Naomi saw Halainah's picture and got really excited and I think she was saying JieJie. She see's lots of other Asian people/kids and does not get this excited. If there was a way to find out if these two girls spent time together?????


The Godparents said...

I love all the pics, and download a different one each day as a background for my PC... n by the way don't listen to Uncle Mario... my favorite one is the naked one in the sink! Naked Baby pics are the best... she is so cute! and yes I am very partial!
Love you guys!
Aunt Bon